ASC Minutes: 08-27-2013


Tuesday, 27, 2012

3.1 Committee Updates

3.2 CALL TO ORDER: 4:17pm

3.3 ROLL CALL: All are present including Krissy Findley.


3.4 Constitutional Amendment: CLF – Ja. Vanier

Proposal: Combine CLF with ResLife money again so ResLife can apply to use CLF money. Set aside 50% of budget ($7,000) for ResLife.


-       Outcomes:

    • Builds bridges between ASC and ResLife.
    • Worries of ResLife using non-RA’s to apply for floor event CLF money outside of the 50% budget.
    • Pros/Cons of changing CLF to a percentage based fund.
    • Building a better relationship with ResLife by communicating the budget and procedures with the CLF.

-        Decisions

    • ResLife will get half of the CLF, and will decide later if they need more/less money

-       Actions

    • Campus Reps will look through proposals carefully to make sure ResLife is respecting fund.

Call to Question: T. Snyder

Seconded: Ja. Vanier

Motion Passes: 7-0-0 

3.5 Welcome Committee: Mystery Bus Tour Dinner – B. Yoshihara

Proposal: Welcome Committee has a set fund for the weekend, with more than expected freshmen, they need help paying for dinner on the night of the Mystery Bus Tour.  


-       Outcomes

    • Take money out of Blue Zone because money was saved earlier from a different BlueZone T-shirt printer.
    • When paying for this dinner, ASC can get a plug into the freshmen and promote ASC (BlueZone and Campus Reps.)

-        Decisions

    • Drop the discussion because T. Synder can handle the BlueZone budget.
    • Dinner will happen no matter what, so decisions can happen later.

-       Actions

    • T.Snyder will decide soon how much (and if) BlueZone money will be used for dinner

No motion to amend. Tabled for later discussion.