ASC Minutes: 08-15-2014



Thursday, August 15, 2014


1.2 ROLL CALL: All are present including S. St. Cyr

1.3 PRAYER: J. Vanier


1.4 2014-2015 Budget: Approval Meeting: T. René

Proposal: Need to approve and finalize the temporary 2014-2015 budget


-       Outcomes

  • We will not know our entire budget until the census arrives; after first week of school
  • Special need fund is handled by Student Life
  • There are quite a few changes from last year to this year
    • Increase money in activities especially
    • What if we make all events free? Including concerts
      • Take revenue and put it towards something not in ASC
      • Get away from budget so we’re not criticized with not using our budget
        • Put the money towards a new SUB building
        • Separate the revenue?
    • Lower student fee?
      • Make students still pay for events, and budget will still even out
  • We need to THINK BIGGER to spend out money!
    • Activities is not the only way to spend money
      • The best clubs are the ones that have the most resources; the most money
        • Accountability with a club is scary
        • Growing clubs would influence a lot on our campus
      • ResLife needs more money too- they could do awesome things with more money
        • We need to encourage them to ask for more money
        • Events RA runs usually don’t cost that much money
          • CLF needs to be pushed hard
  • We will have a surplus in the budget

-       Decisions

-       Actions

  • Wait for census date
  • Find all job descriptions, to get stipends for each positions based on time commitments and special cases
  • Figure out which jobs will be in which stipend bracket; how many hours each position will hold
  • Need to get volunteer agreements ASAP Need to be strict
    • They cannot start ASC work until they turn in their Volunteer Agreement to HR


Call to Question: T. René

Seconded: M. Tarpley

Motion Passes: 5-0-0

1.5 2014-2015 Stipend Bracket: Approval Meeting: T. René



  • Number of hours people should be working
    • Central Committee members have large subcommittees that they should be allocating work to
    • There will be special cases because some people who go above and beyond will not fit in a stipend bracket
    • Do you think this is an appropriate bracket level?


  • Bonus stipends instead of a special raise
  • J. Vanier can dress up like Santa and hand out bonus checks to exceptional cases

-       Actions

  • Need to solidify job descriptions and positions

Call to Question: J. Nuzum

Seconded: M. Martinez

Motion Passes: 5-0-0