ASC Minutes: 08-27-2014



Wednesday, August 27, 2014


4.2 ROLL CALL: All are present including S. St. Cyr

4.3 PRAYER: J. Vanier


4.4 Reserve Fund: Bruin Statue: J. Vanier

Proposal: Postpone the approval of $70,000 for the Bruin Statue until the Student Project Fund Committee is in place, the Campus Representatives Committee is in place, and a resolution is reached to set up more financial checks against Central Committee.


-       Outcomes

  • S. St.Cyr is the third-party advisory for approval of large sums
  • S. St.Cyr is passionate about elections because that is central committee’s role; to make large decisions

-       Decisions

  • This proposal about accountability is a bigger conversation that needs to be talked about outside the realm of the Bruin Statue
  • As a team, we need to put all of our emotions and thoughts on the table; that’s what we’re here for
    • Body language and tone in the room is scared and quiet
  • ASC in the past has been scared of spending money
    • That’s what ASC is; we have a huge budget
  • There’s people that aren’t going to understand our mission
    • Let’s do a petition and see what students actually think
    • We end up putting ourselves in an administrative position and are scarce with our money
      • If students see our huge budget, they would wonder why they aren’t seeing bigger things happening on campus
  • Accountability is set up for a purpose and is very important
    • It’s not that students aren’t excited about it, it’s that we need checks-and-balances
    • We need smooth internal processes; it’s not right for us to continue forward without some accountability happening on our decision
  • There are already a lot of perspectives and thoughts going into this decision
    • You can’t just ask students if they want a $70,000 project
    • It’s a lot of money, but we also have a lot of money
  • Not criticizing the decision, criticizing how the decision was made
    • We would need a LOT of different perspectives if other people were to approve and look
  • S. St.Cyr is in our meetings for a reason, she sits on our meetings
    • Our check-and-balance is S. St.Cyr
  • We aren’t accountable to our advisor; we’re serving students
    • But S. St.Cyr still signs all contracts
  • Advisor shouldn’t be the only check for big projects like this
  • Student Projects Fund Committee is made up of intentional faculty and students
    • A lot of people who know things that we don’t know
    • Has R. Westervelt already talked to those people?
      • It would still be a good thing for the SPFC to talk about
  • We have a small timeslot
    • Want to see the entire team be present during the entirety of the project
    • If that’s our motivation that’s selfish and self centered
      • If that’s our reason for not going through a check-and-balance, that’s selfish
      • If our reason to finish it now and go through with the entire team, we’d have to question why we’re even doing what we’re doing
  • Campus Representatives Committee is a huge accountability for our decisions
    • They can’t veto anything unless it’s constitutional
    • They could get a student petition to veto
  • What is the glaring problems of this project
    • How it’s passed
    • This is a building project of ASC
      • By definition this falls under Student Projects Fund committee
      • Which means Campus Representatives Committee needs to be in place for
      • By definition we are not following ASC guidelines by not using these accountability projects
  • It is legal to pass this money, but we need to think about the accountability
  • If we are scared it’s going to get turned down somewhere in the accountability process, we should be rethinking our voting in the first place
    • ASC has our advisor for check-and-balance
    • ASC needs to take more risks and own our decisions and what we want to do 
      • Empower students to let them know they can do it too
      • There just seems to be a lot of fear with this
  •  We do need to talk to student
    • Create a petition to hear what they think about the project
    • Why do we need older people? This project is for the students
    • Like the idea of getting student opinion, but isn’t that the job of student reps?
      • It’s everyone’s job
      • Feel like no one has connected with students
        • There’s 750 alone in the freshman class; we need to reach out and TALK TO STUDENTS
  • ASC isn’t just talking to the administration; it’s about talking to students and listening to their opinions and dreams
    • And we are sucking at that currently
    • Students only know us from getting in front of them talking in a microphone
    • We cannot get comfortable in this office and with Central Committee
    • Stop being comfortable with the people we know
    • Let’s use this project as the excuse to talk to students
      • We should be talking to students about what is happening and what’s going on
  • I think we’re too scared
  • Respect decision and thought process for proposal
    • We are entrusted and we do have administrators keeping us accountable
    • VP’s will be shutting this down
      • We are not being manipulative, or illegal
        • If anything, we need to be getting more student voice in this project
  • This isn’t going to affect our students now, but our students past and future
    • Bringing campus reps will not be very representative
      • They will be too new to grasp the spirit and the concept of ASC, and the pride of GFU
      • Everyone on Central has been here for at least three years
  • What is the real issue?
    • We can’t keep bringing in all these outside factors
    • There’s always going to be improvements that we can make
  • Why not wait a month?
    • Don’t care if we wait a month; then what do we want to do?
    • Full confidence that it needs to get passed
      • Is this the correct check-and-balances that we need?
      • Yes, this is how we are structured and how we operate
  • Feel like the vote early in the week when $70,000 was passed was a mistake, president regrets letting that pass through
    • Is this a reaction?
      • No this is a real issue of not having accountability
      • We are in the smallest phase of accountability
        • And we’re passing the largest sum of money probably of all year.
  • Still confused; is this added to the accountability?
    • This might be a special case because it’s our first big vote and it’s a large sum of money
  • These proposals are just how ASC works; it needs to go through Student Project Fund committee
  • If we pass this, what is the strategy and what are the next steps?
    • We need to contact R. Westervelt to tell him to move on or to not move on
    • If we vote yes, it will need to go onto Campus Reps then to Student Project Fund Committee
      • What defines this as a SPF?
        • This is something that changes campus; a physical thing
  • Is the Bruin Statue even considered for the SPF?
    • It wasn’t an idea submitted by a student
    • It won’t even be part of that budget
    • This project wouldn’t be under SPF
      • So we don’t even need that extra accountability
  • Don’t think the Campus Reps would be the best accountability for this scenario
    • We need to physically go around and talk to students asking them
    • More concerned about student reps handling $70k this then we are
    • Fully confident in our decision and that it would pass
  • There’s no reason to hurry on this project
    • But this is also

Call to Amend to remove the third item of the proposal which includes setting a limit to the amount CC can spend without actively consulting third parties: T. Rene

Seconded: J. Nuzum

Amendment Passes: 5-0-0

  • Don’t think this is a SPF
    • It wasn’t a student idea; wasn’t brought up by a student
    • Brought to us by administration
      • That gets rid of anxieties about the checks-and-balances
  • If J.Nuzum proposed this idea, would it be considered SPF?
    • Yes
  • This is, in opinion, a special case
    • This is a project the administration wants
  • Having Campus Reps look at it will be a very good thing
  • It’s not a SPF, it’s a special case
    • Proposal is adding a filter to go through
      • This is the way ASC works
  • We already have a filter through our advisor and through Student Life
  • This discussion is crucial, it’s not about the project.


  • We need to ask students what they think and come up with a consensus
  • Talk to artist and move forward, but then put the brakes on if students disagree with project after ASC talked to students
  • If we’re going to postpone a month, we need to use it wisely

Call to Amend to remove the first proposal to remove this project as being considered as  SPF

Seconded: M. Kimmer

Amend Passes: 5-0-0

  • Being in contact with students is vital
  • Artist can start on project but we will talk to students and take this month


Call to Question: J. Nuzum

Seconded: M. Tarpley

Motion Fails: 0-5-0