ASC Minutes: 11-10-2014



Monday, November 10, 2014

15.1 CALL TO ORDER 4:32 PM

15.2 ROLL CALL: All are present including S. St. Cyr & H. Knieling

exit T. Rene & H. Knieling


15.3 Presidential: Nomination: J. Vanier

Proposal: Appoint H. Knieling as new ASC VP of Finance


-          Outcomes

  • Her past leadership and finance experience is excellent
  • Before Fox, she has been in large leadership positions
  • A lot of other leaders that are capable of doing this position are already in leadership positions i.e. RA

-          Decisions

  • Why wasn’t there a Daily Bruin sent out about this?
    • T. Rene didn’t want a post being done
    • Opening up the Daily Bruin would put it open to everyone, but we need someone from the finance committee
    • It would be wise to put this in the Daily Bruin, would give students the opportunity to speak into the decision
  • J. Vanier exhausted all resources to find a good fit, talked to all relevant parties
  • Should this position be open for student opinion? Because it is elected instead of hired
  • The last VP Representative hire was not on recommendation of the Finance Department
  • No one is more willing to move forward in this position with skill and excitement
  • This is the nomination for the best qualified available person at this current time
  • H. Knieling will be a good person to fill the role because she asks a lot of questions, and she is not scared of that
  • Maybe the business department isn’t a good representation because not all students are connected well with their faculties
    • We should open it to the entire student body
  • The decision right now isn’t really who should fill it but should this one individual fill it?
  • Campus Reps are frustrated with being informed of big decisions, instead of getting opinions of the Reps and check & balance
  • Most of central committee did not know this decision was being made so fast
  • J.Vanier met with business department finance professors, the relationship is a little rocky because we did not hire their recommendation from last year, and the investment program has not moved forward
    • At this meeting, J. Vanier was given insight of how ASC Finance should be run and recommendations of a VP Finance Assistant and how to delegate their responsibilities
  • J. Vanier met with D. Mumhill from the IDEA Center, and talked to all CAP coaches who handle finance students and they had no students available that was already over-capacitated
  • We could hire her as an interim because we’re doing elections in February
    • Doesn’t make much sense to have her short term
  • If we don’t say yes to this, we will table this position
    • Are we waiting to talk to students about it?
    • That’s the main thing that’s stopping
    • We should want to make sure we are being careful voting forward with how different team dynamics are and process that as a team
    • Understand that the team is different
  • Is there a chance to have an interview with Central Committee?
    • Good for the team aspect
  • The rush is the biggest problem of this decision, we need to process and understand what this means for everything
    • We need to take much care because this is a big decision
  • J. Vanier has spent a lot of time thinking about team dynamics and figuring out all of this, and highly recommends her
    • The team has not had the same conversation
  • Want to hear H. Knieling’s heart behind wanting to be in this position
    • Time commitments
    • Heart

Enter H. Knieling

  • What are your thoughts about leadership and service?
    • H. Knieling:
      • Hard because this position is so rushed
      • Definitely care about leadership, but because I know the finance better it what I’ve been focused on
      • Being student body president in high school makes her know the importance of leadership and caring for students
      • Love people and dollars
      • Love the school now that she’s gotten the chance to be developed as a leader and person
      • Time commitment?
        • Next semester will be very good, because she can change her schedule
        • This semester is a little crazy, but she is dedicated
        • Schoolwork is first, but care to be involved in central committee lives and students lives
        • Aware Central Committee gives up so much, willing to give that
      • How do you feel about joining a team that’s already developed? And student interactions
        • Already interacting with students because of her Assistant Finance role currently
      • What’s your definition of leadership?
        • Don’t think a leader is someone that has a role, they can come in different ways
        • Once you’re identified as a leader, you need to act accordingly
        • You need to step into the role if people view you as a leader
        • Aware that this position is constantly watched, want to make sure people know that they are equal to people in leadership roles
        • Experience with attending and keeping track of events

Exit H. Knieling

  • Obviously H. Knieling is well qualified
  • J. Vanier is frustrated because he put effort into this the best way he though possible
    • Central feels like if they’re out of the loop
  • This is a great candidate, and there’s no reason to turn her down
    • The concept of hiring someone so fast seems really scary and rushed
  • Think this decision should wait, because it seems very rushed and this position is a big deal
    • For central to be rushed about this proposal, is kind of scary
    • We haven’t talked about it in a central meeting yet, collectively have not talked about it
    • Surprise that there was a candidate brought forward in today’s meeting
  • Constitutionally it was gone about alright for bringing forward a nomination
  • Table proposal to think and pray about this
    • Reps could interview H. Knieling as well
    • Reps schedule is a little crazy, and we want to announce this nomination at the Town Hall Meeting on Wednesday night
  • Concerned about the amount of time she can dedicate
    • She’s willing to adapt next semester to the role
  • J. Vanier has done everything constitutionally correct, but maybe moving forward we need to look at the constitution and change how this process is handled because there’s no student voice in the nomination
  • Nervous about backlash because Town Hall Meeting this week is we didn’t talk to students about Bronze Bear, but we also didn’t talk to them about the nomination of H. Knieling
    • Talk about history of the VP Finance position
    • Don’t think there will be much push back from the nomination as long as T. Rene is very clear and open about why she is quitting and own up to this decision
    • Show student constitutionally how we handled the situation correctly
  • The nomination should be made tonight so we can move forward
  • Learn from the mistakes no matter the size, being more open and clear about any future nominations and although there is a constitution that backs all this up, we need to be more open and clear as a central committee
  • Big rush to be moving forward with such a shock decision
  • Feel like not being heard on this decision
    • J. Vanier brought nomination very constitutionally, but the decision will affect all of central committee as well as all the students on the student body
    • This should be very seriously handled
    • This isn’t a personal issue, this is about the idea of how this should be handled and how the balance between constitutionally as well as team dynamic making things known
      • J. Vanier gave M. Martinez the floor for asking questions when H. Knieling was present because he knew M. Martinez would ask questions
        • Want to table this decision so we can be prayerful about this decision, think about it, and have the reps go over the decision
      • This conversation should have happened two weeks ago about the new nomination
        • Timeline for reps?
      • Emergency meeting for the reps so that we can move forward with this vote, we are on a timeline
        • What benefit are we going to receive from waiting after tonight?
      • Reps is the benefit and hearing their voice
        • According to the constitution, technically we are going about this right and we don’t need Rep voice but think it’s important to give them a voice
      • We shouldn’t be having this conversation for the first time while also having a nomination
      • Want the integrity of the reps, willing to meet at 7AM if we can hear their voice on this decision
  • How will this go over with H. Knieling?
    • If she quits the decision after hearing a delay it wouldn’t go over well
  • Regarding timing, we knew this was happening, T. Rene gave in her two weeks a while ago

-          Actions

  • Table this decision, meet with Reps tomorrow to get their opinion and check & balance, vote on it tomorrow

Call to Table: J. Nuzum

Seconded: M. Tarpley

Motion to Table Passes: 5-0-0

Enter T. Rene


  • T. Rene voices opinion about how the discussion regarding H. Knieling
    • Think decision was made poor
    • H. Knieling is the only person that would do the job well
      • By delaying this decision, shot down H. Knieling’s confidence in this position
      • She is too valuable to lose
      • Central was elected to nominate these positions, the constitution was put in place for a reason
        • There are bigger things Central should be worrying about because we can’t just keep changing the constitution
        • The day T. Rene resigned should have been when she should have been informed about making a public statement, and the Reps should have been informed
        • Willing to write a statement, but a letter was presented earlier
        • It was a red flag because we haven’t had any discussion previously. H. Knieling is qualified for the position. It’s not the fact that if she should be hired, she should. But, the process should be different
        • We care about Reps opinion and we want them to be included
        • We haven’t talked about team dynamic and how H. Knieling is so different than T. Rene
        • Understandable that H. Knieling is frustrated or nervous, but we need to think through this in a much bigger light
        • Students need to know why T. Rene is quitting and why we are hiring H. Knieling

Exit T. Rene



Enter business department students & advisor

15.4 Business Department Event Brainstorm

Proposal: Business Department wants to throw a Christmas event and needs ASC funding


  • Business department is moving forward being the hub of the university
  • Party will be business department students, as well as +1’s for each of those students
  • They have metrics and feedback about a semi-formal event
  • Finances are looking around $1500-3000
    • Tickets will be $3 or $5 for two
  • Partner with ASC because it is a first go
  • Looking forward, business department will integrate this into their budget in future years but it was not integrated into this budget
  • ASC decorations are very available, and would save a lot of money
    • We want to be a resource more than just money
  • Main conversation central committee will have is regarding what budget this will come out of
    • Business club, this is more of a class that is happening
    • Half the students in the class are not taking it for credit, so in that regard it feels much more like a club still
    • Year long class
  • Intended to be an annual event that gives back to community
  • Have very good relations that are saving lots of money
  • We fund clubs up to a couple hundred that are new and don’t have many students
  • If new club had a lot of members, budget is hire
    • Business turn out is huge
  • Business club just needs the options for how to handle this through ASC
  • They have 422 students in business department, their smaller events have had 60+ attendees
  •  Getting business department connected well with community and is being taken seriously because that will lead students to getting jobs
  • ASC backing will give the support they will need to move forward
  • Robin Baker agrees that this will be the center of the school that will move forward in helping students get connected outside of Fox

-          Actions

  • Club application takes a while, so maybe for this event we will have a different discussion about where to get the money from
  • This would be really awesome to see this group connected with the IDEA center

Exit Business Department Representative

Further Discussion

  • Be careful with not expecting ASC to fund this event every year
  • They should apply as a club
  • Interesting 5 Central Committee members are in the business department, conflict of interest
  • Will discuss further to give them advice on how to propose