ASC Minutes: 04-05-2016



Tuesday, April 5, 2016


27.2 ROLL CALL: All are present including: S. St. Cyr, 2016-2017 ASC Central Committee, Z. Keimig

27.3 PRAYER: St. D. Bogert


27.4  Marketing & Communications: Interview: M. Peterson

Proposal: New hire for Marketing & Communications Zach Keimig 2016-17


-          Outcomes 


-          Decisions

-          Actions

Call to Question: D. Bogert

Seconded: M. Peterson

Motion Passes: 7-0-0 

27.5 Activities & Events: Bauman: C. Gray

Proposal: $24,900 for new lights in Bauman Auditorium


-          Outcomes

  • Fancy lights in Bauman are hard to rent because they take time to install
  • They are so necessary for our big events and everyone could use them
  • Bauman events
    • Should we still be putting money into Bauman? Or the new activities center?
    • Rentals in the new place is very expensive, and not set up acoustically
    • It’d be an entire transformation of the space
  • Would pay for itself in two years
  • ASC won’t know how to work the lights, it will be the Bauman manager
    • Should we wait until the next person is hired?

-          Decisions

  • There might be $50,000 left over in the budget
  • ASC

-          Actions

Call to Question: C. Gray

Seconded: D. Bogert

Motion Passes: 6-0-1


27.6 SPIL: Budget: K. Webster

Proposal: $9401 to SPIL to make up the extra 2% that


-          Outcomes

  • There was miscommunication that happened between SPIL receiving 10% vs 12%

-          Decisions

  • They are hurting significantly, all of their experiential ministries have frozen budgets
  • If we have the money we might as well help, and set clear communication moving forward

-          Actions

  • 12% tithe

Call to Question:  M. Peterson

Seconded: Z. Larsen

Motion Passes: 0-0-0


 27.7 Prize Money: Budget: S. St. Cyr

Proposal: There was a prize bought by ASC (second place winner of the Lip Sync $200)



  • A projector was bought, but it was faulty. They returned it to Amazon, but Amazon never received it so S. St. Cyr’s credit card was still charged for the projector.

-          The company probably scammed the owner

Exit L. Pekkola & J. Kang


  • Amazon should have record of the projector
    • Amazon says that it’s returned
  • The seller should be reported on Amazon
  • It would be in best interest for both parties for ASC to cover the cost of the broken prize item
  • They bought something else in the same time frame, so if we weren’t going to cover the cost of the broken projector they must pay out of their prize money
    • $70-80


  • Future returns should be done by cardholder

Call to Amend: M. Peterson

Second: C. Gray

Motion Passes: 6-0-0

Re-Enter L. Pekkola & J. Kang


  • High 5 Contest

-          Let’s do it!

  • Student Collective

-          We will recycle old boxes but keep 3 of them

  • ASC Volleyball Tournament

-          “I will only go if it’s actually competitive. ASC doesn’t do anything competitive.” –D. Bogert

-          It is canceled

  • The plan for stipends will come April 15 for people who get paid semester
  • Elections

-          Need to set clear punishments

-          Set a clear tone that the rules need to be kept accountable to

  • Contract

-          If there aren’t set rules, it becomes objective quickly

-          3 Strike system? Warning + punishment + disqualification

-          The rules need to be highly revised

-          One person from Elections Committee oversees one candidate

-          Levels of punishments

-          Disqualification?