ASC Minutes: 10-14-2015



Tuesday, October 13, 2014


7.2 ROLL CALL: All are present including S. St. Cyr

7.3 PRAYER: Kyle Webster



7.4 ASC Stipends: Proposal: K. Webster

Proposal: To raise Office Manger stipend $500 for a total of $2000


- Emilee has worked the past two years as Office Manager.  Payment each year was $2000. 

- Came into role expecting $2000…never verbally confirmed

- Payment for her position (according to bracket) is $1500

- Emilee goes above and beyond her job description.

            - Everyone works more hours than expected

- Fear that last year’s work ethic could come back this year.

- Is this decision too personal to make?

- Team dynamics and whole “feel” of office could change depending on vote.

            - Does this infringe on our hope to be a welcoming and encouraging space?

Call to table: Michael P.

Seconded: Erika L.

Motion: 2-3-2

-       Outcomes

  • Motion to table fails.

-       Decisions

  • Central will vote on Proposal

Call to Question: Michael P.

Seconded: Zach L.

Motion: 4-3-1

-       Outcomes

  • Motion passes.

-       Decisions

  • Office Manager position will receive payment of $2000 for 2015-2016 school year. 





-       Student Project Fund

  • Moving due dates to an earlier time, because we have specific proposals that need attention
  • Will give more time to develop projects

-       Little Bruin Movie Rights     

  • We have a lot of movie rights
  • Why aren’t they doing it in junction with the event?
    • Because they want the little Bruins there
    • You can only play movies once
    • If it’s just Little Bruins viewing the movie, it’d be weird to have a whole movie right go towards little kids
      • There’s plenty of students that are mentoring
      • Library movie rentals ~$350, and regular $500-600
      • We have the movie rights, can they pay for the cost?
      • The intent isn’t to turn it down, we just need to figure out the monies

-       Blue Room

  • We need to figure out where SPIL stuff is and where ASC stuff is
  • SPIL has stuff in the Activities closet too
  • SPIL wants to store more in the blue room
  • If we label everything and get everything organized, everyone can use everything and we would stop buying so many new things

-       CLF Reimbursements

  • Financial Affairs are thankful we’re getting our stuff in through
  • F.A. is concerned correct people aren’t getting reimbursed, because when there’s one person who is filing the request, we just have to trust they’re handing the money out to those who paid.
    • Tax issue if someone is audited
    • ASC isn’t audited
    • Cash advances are also sketchy
    • In CLF you can’t list all the members going, because CLF provides a huge number of people
    • It’s a tough process that needs to be improved
    • Petty cash would be ideal

-       Square Footage

  • Will current office space stay as ASC?
  • What will happen to Foxhole?
  • Storage space?
  • Commuter space?
  • Intercultural space?
  • Kyle and Michael set to meet with Ted Allen

-        7.11 MEETING ADJOURNED: 5:26PM