ASC Minutes: 10-27-2015



Monday, October 27, 2014



9.2 ROLL CALL: All are present including S. St. Cyr minus Steve, VP Environmental Life

9.3 PRAYER: K. Webster

9.4 Social Responsibility: Proposal: K. Webster

Proposal: Storage space for food pantry for YCAP through SPIL


-       Outcomes

  • The FoxHole will not be a distribution center
  • They will just use the FoxHole to use counter space and tables for assembly

-       Decisions

  • Issues
    • Food going bad
    • Messiness
    • We still need approval of B. Lau
  • It might be valuable to have students reach out to Student Life/ food stamp services if they need help
  • For college students, it’s a temporary stage of life because they will soon have a degree and be able to get a job
  • If they have to reach out to the community YCAP or something off campus, they will have to recognize their need
    • Puts someone in tune with the community and people who are in dire need
  • We should encourage vulnerability on campus and help each other; help students who are really in need
  • Safety for outside of GFU is a concern
    • Students only unless administration thinks it’s
  • YCAP needs another distribution site, so this is just a way we can help community 
    • Will this meet what YCAP is looking for if only students are using the distribution center at GFU?
  • It would be cool if GFU was able to help our students internally, instead of working with an external organization
    • But YCAP has already proven their organization to be successful
    • But because we have relationship with the students, it is closer to serve them because we know them
  • This is encouraging students to help serve and distribute food to those in need
    • Helping students understand that there’s people in need
  • Safe & Easy for people to talk to J. Witherspoon who can connect them to resources outside of GFU
  • Will a YCAP food shelf help students long-term?

-       Actions

  • Don’t think we can move forward either way because we don’t have the go from B. Lau
  • S. St. Cyr can talk to SPIL & those pushing to make this work
  • Continue discussion with B. Lau



9.5 Clubs: Proposal: E. Lopez

Proposal: Make League of Legends an official club


-       Outcomes

  • Already have tournaments
    • Partner with International club

-       Decisions

  • Ethernet & power strips
    • Need to make sure they keep that equipment safe

-       Actions

Call to Question: D. Bogert

Seconded: M. Peterson

Motion Passes: 7-0-0



-       Student Project Fund deadline

-       Movie Discussion

-       Pianos on campus

-       All campus retreat

-       Help appropriate the Halloween costumes of our students

-       Band that contacted FoxHole manager & wants to play

-       Academic Need Fund

  • Weird fund, lots of money, looking to change it
  • Seems like a weird way students can cheat the system
  • Could delete the fund
  • Lower how much we give to students
  • Same students are benefiting from it
  • First come first serve is a hard problem, we never know how many people are going to apply etc.
  • We need to start advertising to departments?
  • Needs to be more individuals, not entire classes
  • How does this foster community on campus?
  • Think it’s poor use of resources
  • When you think about it in relations to single student fee, multiple student fees are given to a single student when they get major funding for one event
  • Is this fund for personal growth or community growth?
  • What if we used the funds to bring academic people here to campus?
    • Similar to art talks
    • Engineering symposium talks
    • Explore what Portland has, get more local
    • Webinars that are cheaper than flying to the place