ASC Minutes: 12-01-2015



Tuesday, December 1 2013


8.2 ROLL CALL: All are present including S. St. Cyr


8.3 Academic Need Fund: Proposal: K. Webster

Proposal: $4649 for the Crescent to attend an annual collegiate journalism conference in California


-       Outcomes

  • Campus Representatives turned down the proposal because it wasn’t in their budget from the beginning of the year
  • We are the Crescent’s budget so we need to look at the proposal again
  • Totals $581 per student, for 8 students staying 3 days 2 nights
  • ASC has passed this proposal every year for The Crescent from the Academic Need Fund and from part of the Crescent budget
    • Every year it has been intended that the Crescent puts this conference in the budget the following year
    • Previously spent $300/ person

-       Decisions

  • Timing of this proposal is unfortunate for the ANF because the fund is running low
  • Most proposals are able to get more money from their departments
  • Is this proposal is worth the money?
    • Yes, it’s something that will come back and directly affect our students
  • Does it matter that seniors are going?
    • And the conference will happen next semester
    • Strange to send a team on a training conference half way through the year
  • Crescent aren’t using ad’s anymore
    • They used to make plenty of money, but now they aren’t
    • They have the easiest way to fundraise out of everything
    • Would be good to ask for an increase in advertisement
  • Crescent will soon propose an increase in their printing budget
  • Should have been this conference in their original budget
  • There’s ways to cut costs on this trip
  • New students every year that attend
  • What about reason for sending students to SCORR?
    • Different because it raises up student leaders and helps shape them as individuals
  • Hard to send a senior in their second semester
    • But the senior’s are the leaders in the group, it would be beneficial if they were part of the group
  • Crescent represents ASC
    • And they’re doing such a great job this year

-       Actions

  • Table until tomorrow when we can meet with the Crescent
    • Need to include more advertisement to reduce printing costs
    • Work together to cut costs for this proposal
      • Can we reduce this trip to about $300/ person?
  • The Crescent needs to get put this in their budget at the beginning of the year

Did not lead to a vote because it was already a declined by Campus Representatives, will be discussed further with the Editors-In-Chief


  • Dressember
    • Supported by IJM
      • There’s bound to be more clubs supporting a social movement
      • Concern about ASC promoting Dressember on all social media fronts
        • Not every individual supports this cause
        • Already did Snap Chat & Twitter
          • Do we post an Instagram about it?
          • Wary because people don’t fully understand the cause
            • Campaign by ASC would bring awareness to this cause
            • How much do we market for clubs? Or events that may not be one that ASC Central Committee is 100% supporting
            • Cons to marketing?
              • Backlash?
                • No, everyone hates sex trafficking
                • Students aren’t even going to be here for all of December
                • Advertise IJM through Dressember
                • Share the Bus
                  • Helping students get home for Christmas
                  • Gets messy with insurance issues
                  • Fun vision but not sure how details would work out
                  • Bruin Brawl
                    • Marketing has already been set out, can’t change the date
                    • Hard to hype up because it’s a busy time of year
                    • Hot chocolate?
                    • Representation
                      • Had a weird set of minutes that didn’t get approved through the Campus Reps
                      • Approved a Student Project Fund and the minutes didn’t go through the Campus Reps
                      • Would be good to write an apology to the Campus Reps about passing the minutes
                      • Academic Need Fund
                        • Over by $1500

Motion to move $1500 from contingency to Academic Need Fund:

Call to Question: M. Peterson

Seconded: E. Lopez

Motion Passes: 7-0-0

  • ASC Preview night