ASC Minutes: 03-01-2016



Tuesday, March 1, 2016

23.1  CALL TO ORDER: 4:35 PM

23.2 ROLL CALL: All are present including: S. St. Cyr, A. Hansen, A. Meyer, J. Kang

23.3 PRAYER:


23.4  Clubs: New Club Proposal: E. Lopez

Proposal: Critical Hit club becoming an ASC club


-          Outcomes 

  • They just want to play dungeons and dragons

-          Decisions

  • This club wouldn’t be eligible for an organization so they weren’t included in that conversation

-          Actions

  • No violence

Call to Question : E. Lopez

Seconded: M. Peterson

Motion Passes: 7-0-0 

23.5 Contingency: Funding: E. Lopez

Proposal: About $3000 for SPIL to continue work with Life Groups for the semester


-          Outcomes

  • SPIL didn’t budget for so many Life Groups
  • We will not be using our entire budget this year, and SPIL needs more money

-          Decisions

  • We can’t vote on this until we have a proposal anyway, we don’t know how much they want or what it should go towards
  • Will this money be a band-aid, or can we create something more sustainable?
    • We don’t want to create a dependency
    • We can’t work this into our budget every year

-          Actions

  • Next year ASC will discuss increase SPIL tithe because this issue is continual

No vote


23.6 Budget: Stipend: Z. Larsen

Proposal: Increase the stipends to put more value to subcommittee positions, and create fair pay throughout


-          Outcomes

  • We cannot look at hourly rate because these are volunteer positions that get stipends

-          Decisions

  • Would rather increase our salaries within ASC than transfer towards other departments
  • Although this pay is not worth the number of hours actually put into this position, it puts more value on the service students put into our campus
  • $26,900-37,475 more money
    • We could work this into the budget
    • Because we won’t have a FoxHole refresh again this year
  • Currently, the lowest bracket is getting paid $150/ semester and their work isn’t very dedicated
  • Is the bracket separated by the “dollar per hour”
    • Yes everyone has the same “dollar per hour” but the hours are different
  • Hard to track student work- need to make sure people are earning their money
  • Increasing stipend will also increase our pool of eligible people, commuters need the money
  • What’s the difference between the director job and the Representative role?
  • If we do this, we won’t increase our SPIL tithe
  • Intramurals? We don’t know how much that is going to cost
  • We need to prioritize where we will be putting money
  • Overall consensus that there needs to be an increase in these budgets
  • Are there any jobs that are not paid?
    • Intern, some Crescent workers getting internship credit
    • Internship credit is something we can’t guarantee, it’s based on their department
    • There are some positions who’s hours revolve around activities
      • Is that worth passing?
      • Are these people student leaders, there’s people who are not paid that help out the same in Activities and aren’t necessarily considered student leaders
  • Activities
    • Head leaders who are really leaders in every sense
    • Volunteers who help with event set up and tear down
      • Volunteers are always reliable
      • Volunteer perks
        • TShirts, giftcards

-          Actions

  • Financial meeting should happen before this is stipend increase proposal is voted on
    • Prioritization of expenditures is important
      • Intramurals
      • SPIL
  • We don’t feel ready to vote on this, next years team should vote on this

Call to Table: M. Peterson

Seconded: D. Bogert

Motion to Table Passes: 7-0-0


 23.7 Funds: CLF: Z. Larsen

Proposal: Changing the name of the Academic Need Fund to the Academic Pursuit Grant



  • Reps talked a lot about different options of the funds, including cutting them completely
    • Found the funds to be extremely valuable and empowering to students
    • Academic Pursuit Grant
      • Split into two parts so that it’s evenly spread out in the semesters
        • Will need to figure out a system for people who apply around November and need to get reimbursed
        • Cap proposals at $500
        • End presentations for experiences students had
          • Presentations in the Den
          • Part of the Monthly Minutes video
            • Presenting students who were sent out and experienced something
            • Community Life Fund
              • Make a rule that reimbursements must be turned in a month after their event


  • Needs to be put into operational manual
    • Test run next year and then add to operations manual later


  • After one year this should be voted on as a constitutional change to the Operations Manual

No Vote


23.8 Budget: Clubs: E. Lopez

Proposal:  Budgets for clubs need to be paid attention to in regard to their attendance



  • Clubs manual already states this


  • New clubs will start at minimum bracket because they don’t have an attendance capacity
    • This will encourage them to bring in more members and possibly fundraise


  • Switching to organizations will help figure out the fairness of this process
  • Meeting for next years changes will happen Monday
    • Multicultural clubs can partner with Multicultural Life and Activities
      • Should be collaborated with ASC
      • Large change for next year and future
        • Will affect clubs directly
        • This new plan has been in play for an entire year and club presidents have been a part of it, and have been warned
        • Let’s print handouts so clubs are communicated with clearly
          • So next years team isn’t blameful of this current team, but everything is very clear

No vote


Exit L. Pekkola


23.9 Budget: VP Finance: D. Bogert

Proposal: Decrease the stipend bracket for Finance Assistant


-          Outcomes

  • Move to level 3 budget bracket due to the low amount of work this position will actually do

-          Discussion

-          Action

Call to Question: M. Peterson 

Seconded: E. Lopez

Motion Passes: 6-0-0


-          Sadie Hawkins Debrief

-          Polar Bear Plunge Debrief

-          SCORR Conference Debrief- on Thursday

-          Senior Retreat Dates

-          Tent City

  • Meeting tomorrow 5:45 in HVR 105