University Fonts

University Font Information

Our official institutional typeface is Perpetua. When it isn't available or preferable for a particular format/document, use the following guidelines:

For serif typefaces:
Option 1: Perpetua-13 point size, 14 line space
Option 2: Century Schoolbook (or New Century Schoolbook)-10 point size, 12 line space
Option 3: Times New Roman-11 point size, 13 line space

For sans serif typefaces:
Option 1: Verdana-10 point size, 13 line space
Option 2: Arial-11 point size, 13 line space
Option 3: Helvetica-11 point size, 13 line space

Installing Perpetua (Windows only)

  1. Aquire a zip file with the fonts on it. (You can do this by contacting Darryl Brown at ext. 2123.)
  2. Open up the zip file. (If your computer doesn't have a program that can read zip files, you can download Winzip.)
  3. Open up the font folder. (Click on Control Panel -> Fonts)
  4. Drag all of the files from the zip files, to the fonts folder, it will install them automatically.
  5. Open up Word (or whatever else you'd like to use the font in) and select it in the fonts dialog.