Google Form Template

How to create a new form from the template

Click the link to access the template and follow the instuctions below:

*NOTE: Do not make any edits to the original template file; you must create a copy first.
Google Form Pre-Made Template

In Google Forms:

  1. Click the "more" button in the top right-hand corner. 'more' icon
  2. Click the "make a copy" button
  3. Rename the copy to your desired form title and click "ok"

How to manually add the header image to your own form

Download the image from the link and follow the instructions below:
George Fox Google Form Header Image

In Google Forms:

    1. Open the form you'd like to add the header to and click the color palette button in the top right-hand corner. color palette icon
    2. Within the "theme options" panel, click the image icon to choose an image. This will open the "Select Header" panel. image icon
    3. In the "Select Theme" panel, click "upload photos" near the bottom of the list of options. Select the template image from your computer. The cropping tool will open once you've uploaded the image.
    4. Make sure that the cropping tool frame fits to the edges of the image, then click "select".
      Cropping tool example:
      Google cropping tool example
    The image should now be properly loaded into your document.