Style Guides and Graphic Downloads

The Office of Marketing Communications works to maintain a clear, consistent visual identity by offering consultation on appropriate uses of the official George Fox logos, graphics, and typefaces. Logo, seal, and athletic mark usage in publications for external audiences must be approved by the Office of Marketing Communications. Internal promotional pieces do not need approval but should include the university logo. Please contact Darryl Brown, art director, (ext. 2123) if you have questions about graphics and logo use.


View visual style guide for approved logo use, or download logo files.

Editorial Style Guide

A style guide is simply a list of choices made in order to achieve consistency and clarity in an institution's publications. It notes specific rules and usage to be followed in university written communications. In George Fox University's Editorial Style Guide, entries are based on The Associated Press Stylebook (the primary style source), Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary (10th Edition), and The Chicago Manual of Style (14th Edition).

Any George Fox University publication intended for an external audience must be reviewed and approved by the communications office for accuracy, editorial style and graphic representation.

Visual Style Guide

The visual style guide has been created to allow the university to send a consistent and positive brand message through brochures, letters, posters, and other publications. Working together, we can accurately portray George Fox University as an institution that offers a high-quality Christ-centered education to its students.

Athletics Branding Guidelines

The athletics branding guidelines will serve as a guide for implementing the George Fox University Athletics brand identity system. The purpose of this guide is not to restrict creativity, but to provide helpful guidelines to enable George Fox staff, partners, suppliers and licencees to express the George Fox Athletics brand effectively across a wide range of applications and media.

Email Guidelines

Email messages are forms of official university communication and should convey a professional image within and outside the institution. These guidelines will help ensure that university emails are consistent in format, professional, and effective in visual presentation.