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Capitalize with no periods. Likewise, do not retain periods for academic degrees (such as MBA, MAT, BA). Place periods in a.m., p.m., compass directions (N.W.), B.C./A.D., R.S.V.P., U.S. (adjective).


All but dissertation. A graduate student who has completed all requirements for a doctorate but the dissertation.

academic degrees

See also "degrees conferred by George Fox."
capitalization: Do not capitalize degrees when spelled out.
Correct: Nearly 1,000 students earned bachelor's degrees. Only 12 students hold doctorates in this field. He was the fourth generation of Johnsons to earn a master of arts in journalism.
punctuation: An apostrophe is needed for bachelor's, master's degree.
earn/receive: She earned a (not his/her) bachelor's degree at George Fox. But you receive a degree from George Fox.
abbreviations: Usually spelled out except in commencement programs and other lists to save space.

  • Abbreviations of degrees do not retain periods.
  • Avoid redundancy. Incorrect examples: Dr. Baker, PhD; she received an MA degree. (It's either an MA or a master's degree. It's either a bachelor's degree or a bachelor of arts degree, not a bachelor's of arts degree. Likewise, it's a doctorate or doctor of education degree. Doctorate of education is incorrect.) See also "doctorate" and "doctoral"

academic colleges and departments

Capitalize when using complete, official name (shown below); lowercase all derivations and other forms. Example: He is a professor in the Department of Mechanical and Civil Engineering. You need to sign up for your lab time in the biology department. Turn in your paper at the biology and chemistry department office. He is studying to get his doctorate in clinical psychology.


  • Department of Mechanical and Civil Engineering
  • Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • Department of Mathematics and Applied Science


  • School of Social Work
  • School of Nursing
  • School of Physical Therapy
  • Department of Health and Human Performance
  • Department of Psychology
  • Graduate School of Clinical Psychology


  • School of Education
  • Graduate School of Counseling
  • Department of Professional Studies
  • English Language Institute


  • Portland Seminary
  • College of Christian Studies


  • Department of History, Politics and International Studies
  • Department of English and Theatre
  • Department of Art and Design
  • Department of Music
  • Department of Communication, Journalism and Cinematic Arts
  • Department of World Languages, Sociology and Cultural Studies
  • Department of Biology and Chemistry


  • Department of Business and Economics
  • Graduate School of Business


Doctor of Education Program (EdD program)
Master of Education Program (MEd program)
Master of Arts in Teaching Program (MAT program)
Administrative License Programs
Doctor of Psychology Program (PsyD program)
Doctor of Physical Therapy (PT program)
Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Masters in School Counseling
Masters in Marriage, Couple and Family Counseling
EdS in School Psychology
Master of Divinity Program - Portland
Master of Divinity Program - Online
Doctor of Ministry
Master of Social Work (MSW program)

Academic Success Program

A program to assist students who do not meet regular admission standards.


No e after the g

Act Six scholarship and leadership initiative

Provides full-ride scholarships to students from urban communities. Name of program is written as two words in title case with the number six spelled out. The logo and domain name (, which both appear as one word in lowercase letters, are the only exceptions. Incorrect spellings include: ACT SIX, ACT Six, ACT 6, Act 6, ACT VI, Act VI, Acts Six, ActSix (one word)


Use periods - an exception to the abbreviation rule.
Example: A.D. 2001 (before year)

addresses (general)

  • Box numbers should follow street names on the same line, with the number sign, one space, no dash or comma
    Example: 414 N. Meridian St. #6006, Newberg, etc.
  • For directional abbreviations, retain periods
    Example: S.W. 68th Ave., E. Sheridan, etc.
  • Do not abbreviate road when used as part of an address
  • See "states" for two-letter postal codes, which are used in addresses only.
  • ZIP is an abbreviation for Zoning Improvement Plan.
    Example: The ZIP code in Newberg is 97132.

addresses (George Fox University)

Newberg campus:
414 N. Meridian St. , Newberg, OR 97132-2697

Portland Center/Portland Seminary:
12753 S.W. 68th Ave., Portland, OR 97223

Salem Center:
4910 Brooklake Road, Brooks, OR 97305

administrative offices

Capitalize when using the complete, official name (shown below); lowercase when referring to the office in any other derivation or form. The reasoning here is that the official name is a proper noun, but all other forms are common nouns and often refer to the physical location rather than the official function. Examples: Applications may be sent to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Take your application to the admissions office. Safety escorts are available through Security Services (services stand alone as a separate category). See also "buildings, "because official building names are different from official office names.

Bon Appétit (food service): Acute accent over the e. Do not pronounce the final t (Ah-pay-tee).
Custodial Services
Disability Services
Event Services
Financial Affairs
Financial Aid
Health and Counseling Services
Information Services
Institutional Technology
Intercultural Life
International Studies Department
International Student Services
Mail Services
Marketing Communications
Parent Relations
Plant Services
Print Services
Security Services
Sports Information
Student Accounts
Student Life
University Advancement

Office of Academic Affairs
Office of Advancement
Office of Estate and Planned Giving
Office of Graduate Admissions
Office of Graduate Student Services
Office of Human Resources
Office of International Student Services
Office of Marketing Communications
Office of the President
Office of the Registrar
Office of Residence Life
Office of Spiritual & Intercultural Life
Office of Student Life
Office of Undergraduate Admissions
Office of University Relations

Department of Professional Studies Admission Office
Office of Graduate Student Services
Office of Academic Affairs
Office of Graduate Admission
Office of Seminary Admission


Leadership Development Program within Doctor of Ministry program.


A spelling exception to the AP usage.


See "numerals."

All-Campus Retreat

An annual fall semester retreat for undergrad students to spend a relaxing weekend away from campus to bond together and to grow closer to God.

alma mater

Lowercase, two words.

Alpha Chi

National honor society that promotes academic excellence and exemplary character.


Singular: female graduate


Plural: female graduates


Plural: male or mixed gender graduates (following Latin usage)


Singular: male graduate


See "time." Note lowercase, except sometimes small caps for formal invitations, programs, etc.


This term can be used starting with the second year of the event. The word annual is lowercase when it stands alone (an annual event), but capitalized when part of an event title: The Second Annual Alumni Weekend.

Associated Student Community (ASC)

The student government organization at George Fox University.


See Duke Atrium
See Ron Gregory Atrium


Lowercase all seasons.


Capitalize if part of the name. Example: Faculty Achievement Award




bachelor's degree

See "academic degrees."


Before Christ: Use periods between the letters - an exception to the abbreviation rule. Example: 2000 B.C. (follows the date)

Bell tower

See "Centennial Tower."


Capitalize names and use roman typeface: Authorized or King James Version (KJV),The Geneva Bible (TGB), Gospels (but not "the gospel"), Holy Bible, Jerusalem Bible (JB), (The) Living Bible (TLB), (The) Message (The Message), New American Bible (NAB), New American Standard Bible (NASB), New English Bible (NEB), New International Version (NIV), New Jerusalem Bible (NJB), New Revised Standard Version (NRSV), New Testament in Modern English (Phillips), Pseudepigrapha, Revised Standard Version (RSV), Scripture(s) (i.e. the Bible); scriptural, Septuagint, Vulgate

Citing Scripture(s): Put citation and translation abbreviation inside parentheses following the sentence:"For God so loved â?¦" (John 3:16 NIV)

Books: Capitalize and spell out. Examples: Philemon, Ecclesiastes, New Testament, Pentateuch.




See "million."

board of directors/board of regents/ board of trustees

No need to capitalize generic, common terms for groups.


Lowercase when referring to the body as a community of believers (as in Ephesians 5:30).

Bon Appétit

Requires an acute accent over the "e." Pronounced "bohn-ah-pay-tee" (do not say final "t").


The university's email system, hosted on a Microsoft Exchange server that is accessible through a Web interface, through the campus network in full corporate mode, or by a POP3 or IMAP connection.

Bruin Preview

A Newberg campus weekend visit opportunity for prospective undergrad students.


Plural or singular construction: The Bruins are having a great season. Bruin baseball is fun to watch.


The word building is lowercase unless part of the full, formal name. When referring to a room or office number in one of these or other buildings, style is Stevens Center 325; Hoover 290. See also "administrative offices" and "academic departments" (which differ significantly from the building name). Brackets [ ] indicate optional formal name additions. See also individual room names in buildings, etc., listed alphabetically.

Armstrong House
Art Annex
Arthur and Fern Roberts Center
Barclay House
[William and Mary] Bauman Chapel/Auditorium
Beals House
Beebe Residence Hall
[David and Melva] Brandt Residence Hall
Brougher Hall
Campbell House
Canyon Commons
Carey Residence Hall
Centennial Tower (not the Clock Tower)
Center Street House
Costume Shop
Edwards Residence Hall
Edwards-Holman Science Center

  • Ron Gregory Atrium

Event Services
Fell House
Financial Affairs Office
Fox Jam Studios (in Ross Center)
Fry House
Fulton Street House
Gulley Residence Hall
Hancock Street House
Heacock Commons

  • Bruin Den
  • Cap and Gown Room
  • Foxhole
  • College of Engineering Collaboratory

[Herbert] Hoover Academic Building

  • Minthorne Gallery
  • Hoover-Hatfield Library
  • Providence Health System Learning Lab

Hester House
Hiebert House
Hobson-Macy-Sutton Residence
Hall Complex
Hoskins House
International Student Center
Kelsey House
Kershner House
Klages Center
Esther Klages Plaza
Lemmons Center
[David and Rebecca] Le Shana Residence Hall (open 2006)
Lewis Apartments
McGrew House
Meridian Street House
Virginia Millage Memorial Rose Garden
Minthorn Hall (no "e" on end, but modern family-name spelling is Minthorne, as in Roger M. Minthorne, trustee)
[Curtis and Margaret] Morse Athletic Fields (Morse Field is acceptable)
Munn House
[M.J.] Murdock Learning Resource Center (MLRC)

  • Computer-Assisted Instruction Lab
  • Instructional Media Center
  • Quaker Collection
  • Hoover Collection
  • Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends Church and George Fox University archives
  • Online Computer Library Center (OCLC)
  • Orbis
  • Peace Collection
  • Portland Area Library System (PORTALS)

Newlin Apartments
North Street Annex
Parker House
Pennington House
Pennington Residence Hall
Plant Services Building
Prayer Chapel
President's/Academic Affairs Offices
Riley House
[Milo C.] Ross Center

  • Donald H. Lindgren Gallery

Schomburg House
Security Services
[Edward F.] Stevens Center

  • Leonard and Gloria Attrell Balcony
  • Collins Resource Center
  • Dick and Connie Espejo Classroom (207)
  • Esther Klages Plaza
  • Ezra and Hanni Koch Welcome Center
  • Jack and Jane Meadows Classroom (209)
  • Jim and Lila Miller Balcony
  • Roger and Mildred Minthorne Conference Room (202)
  • Murdock Institutional Technology Center (IT)
  • Pacific Fibre Classroom (109)
  • Sam Wheeler Classroom (208)

Video Communication Center
Villa Road House
Weesner House
Weesner Village
[Coleman] Wheeler Sports Center
Wilder House
Willcuts Residence Hall
Winters Apartments
Wood-Mar Auditorium
Wood-Mar Hall
Woodward House
Woolman Apartments

Portland Center bookstore
Portland Center library

Salem Center

building abbreviations

ARM Armstrong House
BAR Barclay House
BAU Bauman Auditorium
BEA Beals House
BEE Beebe Residence Hall
BRO Brougher Hall
CAM Campbell House
CAR Carey Residence Hall
CCD Canyon Commons Dining
CEN Center Street House
EDW Edwards Residence Hall
EHS Edwards-Holman Science Center
FEL Fell House
FAO Financial Affairs Office
FRY Fry House
FUL Fulton Street House
FVM Friendsview Manor
GUL Gulley House
HAN Hancock Street House
HEA Heacock Commons
HES Hester House
HOB Hobson Residence Hall
HOS Hoskins House
HVR Hoover Academic Building
KLA Klages Center
KEL Kelsey House
KER Kershner House
LEM Lemmons Education Center
LEW Lewis Apartments
MAC Macy Residence Hall
MCG McGrew House
MED Media Communications Center
MER Meridian Street House
MIN Minthorn Hall
MUN Munn House
MLR Murdock Learning Resource Center
NEW Newlin Apartments
NSA North Street Annex
PAR Parker House
PDX Portland Center
PNH Pennington House
PEN Pennington Residence Hall
PSC Plant Services Center
PRC Prayer Chapel
PUR Presidents Office
RIL Riley House
RIV River St. House
RLC Roberts Learning Center
ROS Ross Center
SAL Salem Center
SBG Schomburg House
SEC Security Office
SHN Sheridan Street House
STV Stevens Center
SUT Sutton Residence Hall
TIL Tilikum Retreat Center
UFO University Fund Office
VIL Villa Road House
WEH Weesner House
WEV Weesner Village
WSC Wheeler Sports Center
WLD Wilder House
WIL Willcuts Residence Hall
WIN Winters Apartments
WMA Wood-Mar Auditorium
WMH Wood-Mar Hall
WOD Woodward House
WOL Woolman Apartments


Capitalize the first word of sentence/fragment following a bullet. One space between bullet and first word. No punctuation at the end of each item.


Canyon Commons

Dining facility completed in 2016, located adjacent to Hess Creek Canyon.


No hyphen.


Refers to the city. Example: The capital of Oregon is Salem.


George Fox preference is to downstyle. That is, reserve capitalization for proper nouns and proper names (but not their derivatives). Capitalize the first letter of sentences and bulleted material. See also "titles," "composition titles," "academic degrees, "academic departments/offices, "deity titles," and other individual entries for capitalization rules. Exceptions to the capitalization rules include documents such as programs, invitations, business cards, business letters, directories, addresses, captions, and other similar lists/formats with names and titles which follow a headline style. Even in those cases, words which are otherwise lowercase remain so when appearing in running text rather than in isolated lines, lists, headlines, etc.


Refers to the building. Example: the Oregon Capitol is in Salem.

Cascades (Cascade Range)

Continuation of the Sierra Nevada mountains, extending north from Lassen Peak to Oregon/Washington.

CCLI (Christian Copyright License Inc.)

George Fox license number should be printed on the document anytime a piece of copyrighted Christian music in CCLI's Authorized Catalog List is reprinted for overheads, programs, etc. In addition, by contract we agree to also print a copyright notice in substantially the following form: Title/composer/author.© year and name. CCLI License # 272239. If the CCLI catalog does not include the song you want to reprint, you must request permission directly from the copyright holder (unless the work is in public domain, then just a credit line acknowledging the source/artist is sufficient).

Center for Peace and Justice

Established in December 1984, the center offers courses and activities on peacemaking and conflict resolution for students and the community (formerly Center for Peace Learning).

Centennial Tower

Correct name for landmark tower on the Newberg campus. Not bell tower or clock tower.


See "money."


See "dates."


Acceptable usage for chairperson when used in academic terminology. Also used to designate the position of a player in an orchestra or band, e.g., he is third chair trumpet player.

chairman, chairwoman

Lowercase except preceding a name as a formal title. Example: Chairwoman Jones was absent.


(pronounced "Shampooee") Settlement in Willamette Valley. Site of first provisional government in the Northwest. Site commemorated by Champoeg Memorial State Park about eight miles south of Newberg.



Chehalem (Valley)

Lush agricultural valley running from Rex Hill in the east down to the Willamette River in the south, and following the border of the Chehalem Mountains running northeast to southeast as far west as Dundee.


Lowercase except proper names: Newberg Christian Church.


George Fox treats Portland and Newberg as datelines, meaning they stand alone with no state needed in running text. Otherwise, cities should be used with the state. Examples: He was born in Portland, but raised in Spokane, Wash.


Lowercase when referring to a body of students or alumni whose year of graduation is the same. Examples: Members of the class of '99 are planning a reunion. He is in the sophomore class.

Classic Bruins

Annual event for 50-year-reunion alumni occurring each spring on commencement.

Clock Tower

Not to be used instead of Centennial Tower, the correct name.


A distinction is made between the physical land (lowercase) and a region (the Pacific Coast). Even so, smaller regions are not capitalized (see Oregon coast).

Coast Mountains

The Canadian extension of the Coast Ranges.

Coast Ranges

Mountain ranges extending along Pacific Coast west of the Cascade Range and north to B.C./Alaska.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Standardized testing through which college credit may be earned.


As per Associated Press guidelines, a comma is used to separate elements in a series but is not used before the conjunction in a simple series (ie, Students take courses in economics, language and history). A serial comma is used, however, before the conjunction in a complex series of phrases (ie, The factors to consider are whether the athletes are skillful enough to compete, whether they have the stamina to endure the training, and whether they have the proper mental attitude).


Lowercase in running text, but capitalize when appearing in headline style on programs.


Lowercase alone but capitalize proper name: He is a member of the Faculty Development Committee.

composition titles

capitalization: Capitalize all nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, and adverbs regardless of length. Do not capitalize articles. Capitalize subordinating conjunctions (because, that), prepositions, and conjunctions of four letters or more. Capitalize the first and last word of a title/subtitle regardless of length or part of speech.

italics: Books, collections, drawings, long musical compositions, movies (including numerals denoting movie sequels), newspapers, operas, paintings, pamphlets, periodicals (magazines, newsletters, and other publications issued at regular intervals), plays (regardless of length or whether it is published), poems (long or collection), proceedings, sculpture, sections of newspapers published separately, statues,works of art, television and radio continuing series title.

roman face and enclosed in quotation marks: articles, features in periodicals and newspapers, chapter titles and part titles, short stories, essays, individual selections in books, short poems, television and radio individual episodes, unpublished works (dissertations, theses, manuscripts in collections, lectures and papers read at meetings, and photocopies of typescripts).

roman face without quotation marks: book series and editions (The words series and edition are lowercased when they are not part of the title), orchestral works (Bach's Suite No. 1 for Orchestra; Beethoven's Serenade for Flute,Violin, and Viola).

computer terms

browser, Bruinmail (formerly Foxmail), chat room, compact disc (CD is acceptable on later references), cyberspace, database, desktop publishing/DTP, diskette (a generic term that means floppy disk. Not synonymous with disk), dot-com (adj.), download, DVD (digital versatile disk), email, FAQ (frequently asked questions), GIF (graphic interchange format), gigabyte/gigs/GB, gigahertz/GHz, hard disk, home page, HTML (hypertext markup language), HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol), internet, JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) or JPG, keyboard, kilobyte/kB, laserdisc, laptop, listserv, login, logoff, logon, megabyte/megs/MB, megahertz/MHz, microgram, nanotechnology, online (no hyphen), PowerPoint, terabit, TIFF (tagged image file format), URL (In running text, URLs may be enclosed in angle brackets to avoid confusion with other text: <>, roman face is fine), videodisc, webcast/webmaster: (derivations are lowercase), web page,website, World Wide Web (also web). No need to use "www" prefix on web addresses in text.

course names

Lowercase when describing courses, subjects, or areas of study in general. Capitalize the specific course or program, e.g., He is enrolled in an American history course. I took Introduction to Philosophy last year. Specific courses mentioned in publications must match the titles used in the university catalogs.

course numbers

Use numerals and capitalize the subject when used with a numeral: History 201, EDFL 295. One space separates course number and course name.

course work

Two words.

The Crescent

George Fox student newspaper. Title in italics.

Cultural Celebration Week

Annual event to promote awareness and understanding of different cultures.

cum laude

With distinction. Lowercase.

curricula or curriculums (pl.) curriculum (s.)