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These examples are all lowercase: cha-cha, waltz, polka, tango, fox-trot, salsa, two-step, lancers, cotillion, bergomask.


Em dashes (-) are used to set off ideas. En dashes (-) are used to separate dates, times, months, years, etc.Use one space on either side of the em dash.


Always use numerals. Separate ranges of dates with an en dash: Monday-Friday, September 9-October 2.

Ordinal numbers (16th, 2nd, 3rd, etc.) are not to be used with dates. See also "months," "decades," and "years."


Do not capitalize unless used as a title preceding a person's name.

dean's list



When including the century: 1890s (no apostrophe); when abbreviated: '90s.

Degrees-at-Work Etiquette Dinner

Annual event sponsored by Career Services. Students are invited to a formal dining situation with tables hosted by alumni to learn proper etiquette for dining and other professional situations to help them on the job. A certified professional in etiquette also speaks.

degrees conferred by GFU

Example: Jane Doe received a bachelor of arts in economics from George Fox University.

BA/bachelor of arts/bachelor's [degree]
BS/bachelor of science/bachelor's [degree]

George Fox University Undergraduate Degrees (do not capitalize unless name includes a proper noun)
accounting (BA)
applied science (engineering 3/2 dual degree program; BS)
art, with concentrations in fashion design, graphic design, interior design, studio arts (BA)
athletic training (BSAT)
biblical studies (BA)
biology (BS), with concentrations in cell and molecular biology, ecology and field biology, general biology and systems and structural biology
chemistry (BS)
Christian ministries, with concentrations in church recreation, educational ministry, missions, youth ministry (BA)
cinema and media communication, with concentrations in production, audio production, multimedia/animation, journalism, film studies (BA)
cognitive science (BS)
communication arts (BA)
computer science (BS)
economics (BA)
elementary education (BS)
engineering, with concentrations in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, computer engineering (BS)
English (BA)
entrepreneurship (BA)
exercise science (BS)
finance (BA)
global business (BA)
health and human performance, with concentrations in fitness management, health preteaching, physical education preteaching (BS)
history (BA)
information systems (BS)
interdisciplinary studies (BA or BS)
international studies (BA)
journalism (BA)
management (BA)
marketing (BA)
mathematics (BS)
music, with concentrations in performance, preteaching, composition, general (BA)
music education (BA)
nursing (BS)
organizational communication (BA)
philosophy (BA)
politics (BA)
psychology (BS or BA)
social work (BS)
sociology, with concentrations in community and families, global and cultural studies, social justice and inequality (BA)
Spanish (BA)
theatre (BA)

Degree Completion Undergraduate Degrees
elementary education degree completion (BS)
health administration (BA)
management and organizational leadership (BA)
technology management (BS)
project management (BS)
social and behavioral studies (BA)

Graduate Degrees

Master of Business Administration (full time)
Master of Business Administration (part time)
Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Master of Arts in School Counseling
Education Specialist in School Psychology
Master of Arts in Marriage, Couple and Family Counseling: Certificate In Marriage, Couple and Family Counseling
Doctor of Psychology
Master of Arts in Teaching (Full-time/Night/In Your Community Program)
Master of Education
Doctor of Education
Doctor of Business Administration

George Fox Evangelical Seminary Degrees
Master of Arts in Ministry Leadership
Master of Arts (Theological Studies)
Master of Divinity
Master of Arts in Spiritual Formation
Doctor of Ministry in Leadership and Spiritual Formation
Doctor of Ministry in Leadership in Emerging Culture

Degree abbreviations
DBA/doctor of business administration/doctorate
DMin/doctor of ministry/doctorate
EdD/doctor of education/doctorate
MA/master of arts, master's [degree]
MAT/master of arts in teaching [degree]
MATS/master of arts (theological studies)
MBA/master of business administration/master's [degree]
MDiv/master of divinity/master's [degree]
MEd/master of education/master's [degree]
PsyD/doctor of psychology [degree]/doctorate/doctoral degree

graduate licenses and endorsements:
Continuing Administrator/Initial Superintendent License
Continuing Superintendent License
Continuing Teaching License
Initial Administrator License
Library Media Specialist
Reading Endorsement

deity pronouns

Lowercase (he, him, his, thee, thou).The Bible itself supports lowercase usage in most translations.

deity titles

Capitalize. Examples: Christ, Father, God, Son, Holy Ghost, Holy Spirit, King of Kings, Lamb of God, the Logos/Word, the Lord, Prince of Peace, the Savior, Son of God, the Third Person (of the Trinity).


Lowercase north, south, etc., except when referring to a large geographic region (the North, the East Coast, the Midwest, Southern California). Retain periods in directional abbreviations: S.E., E.


(adj.) Use with the word degree: She earned her doctoral degree at George Fox University. See also "academic degrees" and "degrees conferred by GFU." doctorate
(noun) Do not add the word degree after doctorate: She earned her doctorate at George Fox University. Not doctorate of psychology degree. See also "academic degrees" and "degrees conferred by GFU."


See "money."

Duke Atrium

The atrium in ESC is to be referred to as the Duke Atrium.



The employee e-newsletter. In italics.

Educational Foundations and Leadership (EDFL)

Umbrella division for graduate-level educational licenses and endorsements, as well as the doctor of education and master of education degrees.


See "computer terms."

e-mail addresses

GFU e-mail addresses in university publications should follow the following format for staff and faculty: First letter of first name followed by the first seven letters of last name. Exception: business cards include full last name.


A retired female professor may earn emerita status: Professor Emerita Jane Doe (capitalized preceding).


A retired male professor may earn emeritus status: John Doe, professor emeritus of math (lowercase after name). Plural is professors emeriti. GFU recently added the status of staff emeritus/emerita.

Empowering Leaders of Integrity Through Experience (ELITE)

A national leadership conference a committee of students puts on each year for regional and GFU students. Students come from colleges throughout the West to attend lectures, tackle rope courses, etc., in order to develop their leadership skills.

English Language Institute (ELI)

Program through which students can take ESL courses and develop cultural skills.

English as a Second Language Program

Courses for international students to develop speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in the English language in order to prepare them to enter into academic life at GFU. Capitalize formal name of program, but lowercase when used as a subject or course name. Abbreviate as ESL.

English to Speakers of Other Languages Program (ESOL)

Graduate program. Capitalize formal name of program, but lowercase when used as a subject or course name.


Online forum for employee and student news.

et al./et alii (and others)

The period is needed when using the abbreviation.

Etiquette Dinner

See "Degrees-at-Work Etiquette Dinner," the full event name.

exempli gratia/e.g.

This abbreviation is usually used in parenthetical phrases, where it is punctuated with periods and set off with commas (e.g., ).



Plural of faculty.

faculty member

Use when referring to an individual/group of individuals numbering less than the entire faculty.


Free Application for Federal Student Aid

fall, fall semester

Lowercase all seasons.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA)

Legislation which regulates the use of personal information and student

Family Weekend (annual event)

A program held on the Newberg campus for parents and their GFU students.

First Reunion

Annual spring celebration program and dinner for traditional undergraduate seniors and their families.


The Document Management System that provides the George Fox community with convenient Web access to computer files.


Student lounge located in the basement of the Student Union Building


Common term for Outlook, the university e-mail system.


The university's Teaching and Learning Environment is the learning management system used by teachers and students to provide options for online classroom interaction.

FoxTrax (GFU library catalog)


Hyphenate: one-fourth


Use freshman as an adjective.
Example: All freshman (Not freshmen) students receive computers.

Freshman Seminar (annual event)

Series of seminars provided to incoming freshmen in order to assist new students as they integrate into the academic and social life of the university community.


See "Religious Society of Friends."

Friends Pacific Academy

Name of George Fox University predecessor. Founded in 1885, the academy operated for 44 years, closing in 1929. During that time, college-level classes were added in 1891 with the establishment of Pacific College.


Full-time equivalency.

full-time (adj.)

Hyphenate when used as an adjective. Example: Only full-time employees receive benefits.

full time (adv.)

No hyphen when used as an adverb. Example: I attend school full time.

fundraiser (n.)

Refers to an event. One word

fundraiser/ing (adj.)

fundraising (v.)



General equivalency diploma/General Educational Development.


Genesis programs are one-day summer orientation programs that allow students and families to begin the orientation process at George Fox University

George Fox Evangelical Seminary (GFES)

George Fox University (GFU)

Abbreviation is GFU, acceptable in running text on second reference only, but not in headlines. George Fox is acceptable in informal usage on second reference, but Fox used alone is not acceptable. History: Friends Pacific Academy 1885 Pacific College 1891 George Fox College 1949 George Fox University 1996


Refer to females in college as women; in high school, as girls.




Abbreviation for grade point average. Acceptable even on first reference.


Use roman face, capital letters, with no quotation marks: She received an A in the course.

graduate (v.)

Use the active voice: She graduated from George Fox University. The passive voice, "was graduated," is archaic.

The Graduate Connection

A newsletter for George Fox University graduate students. Title is in italics.


Student-led weekly worship held in the Greenroom in Bauman Auditorium.


half-time (adj.)

Hyphenate when used as an adjective. Example: She is a half-time employee.

half time (adv.)

No hyphen when used as an adverb. Example: I work half time.

Hess Creek Canyon

Name given to the area where Hess Creek runs through the GFU campus.

highway designations

state Highway 99, Interstate Highway 5, Interstate 5, I-5 (spell out on first reference).

Holiday Bazaar

Annual event sponsored by GFU Auxiliary to raise funds for George Fox by selling homemade crafts, etc.


Ash Wednesday, Christmas (Eve), Columbus Day, D-Day, Easter Day or Easter Sunday, Father's Day, Good Friday, Groundhog Day, Halloween or All Hallow's Eve, Holy Saturday, Holy Week, Independence Day or Fourth of July or July Fourth, Labor Day, Lent, Lincoln's Birthday, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Maundy Thursday, Memorial Day, Mother's Day, New Year's Eve, Pentecost, Presidents Day*, Veterans* Day (*note no apostrophe).


Lowercase in running text. Capitalize in headline or as specific event: Homecoming 2000.

honorary doctorate

A person with an honorary doctorate is not called Dr.


Lowercase. Example: He graduated with honors.

honors convocation

A formal academic event held at the beginning of the fall semester that officially launches each school year.

hooding ceremony

Event held by graduate departments at which students who earn doctoral degrees are awarded hoods, and master's degree students receive diplomas.

Hoover-Hatfield Library

Located in the Hoover Academic Building, the library features Hoover memorabilia from the university's archives, the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library, and Senator Mark Hatfield's personal collection of memorabilia.

[Herbert] Hoover Symposium

(Pl. symposia) Held every other year: (2003/2005, etc.) with guest speakers presenting lectures about the life and ministries of Herbert Hoover, who attended a precursor academy of GFU and resided in Newberg, Oregon, during part of his boyhood.

hyphens (-)

As a general rule, all compound modifiers and numbers should be hyphenated. Examples: fast-sailing ship, pre-1900. Exception: No hyphen needed with adverbs ending in -ly, e.g. highly trained.


ID card

The identification card issued to GFU students, faculty, and staff.

id est, i.e. (that is)

Set off with comma in sentence or parenthetical phrase.


Immigration and Naturalization Service

Intensified Studies Program

For select students to pursue material beyond the normal University curriculum.

International Baccalaureate (IB)

A program offering college-level work and accepted at GFU as transfer credits.

Internship Fair

An annual event for students interested in internships at businesses, sponsored by Career Services.


See "composition titles."


Job Hunter's Edge Workshop

An annual event for job-seeking students, alumni, and the public, sponsored by Career Services. Offered twice a year, fall and spring, it provides sessions on job-search skills.


Student employment postings on Foxmail.


Online job listing service.


George Fox's alumni magazine.


See "names."


There is no e after the g.

Juniors Abroad

Three-week overseas course option during May Term for GFU students in their junior year.


Kershner Lecture Hall

A room (Hoover 105) in the Hoover Academic Building named after Dr. Howard Kershner.


GFU student radio station.


Lowercase kingdom of God, etc.



George Fox University yearbook. Title is in italics.

letters as letters

Italicize letters when used alone (See also "grades" and "words as words"). Example: The word is missing an s.


George Fox University alumni newspaper (no longer published). References to title are in italics.

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