Alternative Testing: Creating a Testing Contract

Once your course has been approved by the DSO, proceed with creating an alternative testing contract. Follow the steps below to complete the process:

  1. Meet with your instructor to fill out a testing contract together.
  2. Log in to your DSO account
  3. Go to Alternative Testing in the Navigation Sidebar

    Alternative Testing Contract

  4. Click Submit Testing Contract in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. There are 4 steps to complete in this section:
    • Select your class from the drop-down menu. If your class is not listed, check that:

      • You have registered for the course and made sure alternative testing is part of the accommodations.
      • Your accommodation request status, found under List Accommodations, is Approved.
      • A notification letter has been sent to your instructor.
      • You have never entered a contract for this class.
    • Select the contract type. Then click the button labeled Step 3 - Continue to Fill Contract.

    • Enter the alternative testing contract by answering all questions on the page and agree to the terms and conditions of requesting testing accommodations.

    • Click the Submit Alternative Testing Contract button to submit your contract; an email confirmation will be sent to you and the instructor.