Textbook Assistance Fund Guidelines


The purpose of the Textbook Assistance Fund is to provide assistance to undergraduate students who are unable to purchase required textbooks due to financial hardship. The fund is intended to assist students by providing financial support where a clear need exists.

Administration of the Fund

The Textbook Assistance Fund is administered by the Director of Learning Support Services (DLSS) in consultation with appropriate faculty or staff members. The Student Life office will remind faculty, staff, and administrators of the existence of the fund and guidelines regarding its use at the beginning of each semester. All requests must be submitted using the Textbook Assistance Request Form and must be approved by the DLSS. Required books and class supplies will be purchased at the Bruin Store, which will match prices of online sellers. The Financial Aid office will be consulted to confirm student need.

Request Parameters

Funds may be requested for required textbooks or course materials, with priority given to first year students in their first semester of college. Students can make a one-time request for a maximum of $500 from the Textbook Assistance Fund; exceptions for the maximum amount, or a second request, must be based on unusual circumstances and must be approved by the DLSS. Funds will not be provided when funds are available through a student's immediate support network of family and friends. Used books or rental books will be acquired when possible.

Request Process

 Complete the Google form and contact Rick Muthiah (rmuthiah@georgefox.edu) to discuss your situation.