Chart of Accounts

George Fox is making several strategic improvements to its financial system to support enhanced financial reporting and analysis across all of the University’s operations. 

Starting on July 1 of this year, we will be making several changes to the chart of accounts we use to record transactions in our Financial, Payroll and Student Administration systems. We will also be deploying new capabilities for online inquiry and reporting.  The changes to the chart of accounts include two new required fields for identifying Campus Location (Delivery Method) and Program. The Program will replace many of the old Cost Centers which were created to reflect the activities many departments needed broken out from their baseline operations.

We have also enabled Project reporting using the new Project ID chartfield as well as a new chartfield for departments and colleges to track items and initiatives important to them (similar to the Job Ledger code which will no longer be used).

These changes will provide enhanced capabilities for managerial reporting and financial statement production. The new design should support streamlined report production as well as flexible analysis for ad-hoc reporting needs.

Some specifics highlighting the changes include:

  • Fund Codes will now be 5 digits.
  • Cost Center is being renamed Department (Dept ID)
  • Many current Cost Centers representing departmental activities will become programs.
  • All transactions will require a campus location / delivery method.

Chart of Accounts Chartfields

In order to find the new values for your area(s) of responsibility, we have provided a Old-to-New and New-to-Old crosswalk (map) to help you find the correct values to use.    You can access the mapping using the following URL:

Chart of Accounts Mappings

Step 1: Select the type of mapping you wish to see (old-to-new or new-to-old)

Step 2: Enter some or all of your old Chartfields in the appropriate field contained in the red boxes.

Step 3: Click the Submit button at the bottom of the chartfield list. 

Step 4: Note the new Chartfield string in the results and use that for your new distribution.   

Note:  If your Chartfields return no results, please contact Finance to resolve the mapping issue.   Ext 2167 or 2171.

Below is an example of the old chartfield entry vs. the new chartfield entry on the Requisition Defaults page.


Chart of Accounts Defaults Before


Chart of Accounts Defaults After