Purchase Orders

When to use a purchase order

A Purchase Order (PO) should be used when ordering merchandise or services for which an invoice requiring payment will be sent to the University. It is the approved method for ordering that the University has adopted. Orders placed without a purchase order do not have the approval or authorization of the University. Without an authorized purchase order, the University maintains the right to refuse payment for the order.

When not to use a purchase order

  • For interdepartmental charges such as the bookstore, print room, mailroom, van use etc. These charges are billed monthly.
  • When a vendor will not accept a purchase order and payment in advance is required use a Check Request.
  • For reimbursement of expenses such as travel use an Expense Reimbursement Request form.
  • Renewal of annual memberships and subscriptions (use a check request)
  • When ordering from Office Depot (online ordering)


Purchase Request Procedure

  1. Enter a requisition in PeopleSoft. (Instructions)
  2. When a Purchase Requisition is approved a PO number is assigned. 
    • Finance will print and send your PO back to you. It will then be your responsibility to see that the vendor receives it.
    • Once the purchase order is printed, it is reflected in your department and program as an encumbered expense.
    • A copy of the PO will be faxed or sent to you for your records.
  3. Receive goods and/or services against the PO. CRITICAL (Without receiving into the system, a check cannot be generated to pay the vendor.)
  4. Invoices should be sent directly to AP/Finance from the vendor. If you have received the order into the system, it will be ready for us to pay when the invoice arrives in our office.

Check Requests

The primary method of purchasing goods and services should be through the purchase requisition/PO process. In those few situations you need a check request, please follow the procedures below.


Check requests should be used for the following:

  1. When a vendor will not accept a purchase order
  2. For cash advances
  3. For personal reimbursements over $100 please use an Expense Reimbursement Request form (under $100.00 can be reimbursed through petty cash in our office or other departmental petty cash funds).

To make the check request processing more efficient, follow the procedures below including all the information requested.


When submitting check requests, the following must be included:

  1. Complete all yellow highlighted fields on the form.
  2. Use new Chart of Accounts for coding Chart of Accounts.
  3. Indicate the George Fox Business purpose, then itemize, provide a description of charge and all subsequent sales slips/receipts/invoices (attach these to the BACK).
  4. If requesting mileage reimbursement, please submit an Expense Reimbursement Request form.
  5. Route check requests to all Departmental authorization approvers for their signature.

Please note the following:

  1. You may submit one check request for the same person or company and charge it to more than one department, program or account. List the departments, programs and accounts and how much is to be charged to each.
  2. A separate check request must be made for each individual to receive payment.
  3. If you are requesting a payment for a service or an honorarium, you must include with the check request a completed W-9 Form which includes the complete address and the social security number of the individual (required by IRS or backup withholding must be withheld). If this is for an employee of the university it will be paid through payroll for tax purposes. A separate check will not be written.

Contact Matt Hammar with any questions and/or concerns.  Email:   mhammar@georgefox.edu   Phone:   503-554-2162