International Travel Clinic

The travel clinic at George Fox provides comprehensive medical consultations for our students traveling with Juniors Abroad, Semester Abroad, and missions trips offered through the spiritual life office. We are also happy to see students who are traveling with family and friends, church groups, and volunteer mission organizations. We are a certified Yellow Fever vaccination site and provide a WHO Yellow Card for students traveling to locations in Africa and South America.

Our clinic offers personalized health and travel advice tailored to your particular itinerary. Our goal is to help you stay as healthy as possible while abroad by sharing our knowledge and experience in travel health. We recommend scheduling your appointment at least six weeks prior to leaving on your trip. It takes at least two weeks for the vaccines to develop protection, and we would like the immunizations to be working when you arrive at your destination! Once you submit a travel worksheet or Juniors Abroad health form, you will meet with a Nurse Practitioner and a Registered Nurse. You should plan 45 minutes for your visit. We ask that you submit the following items at least one week prior to your appointment:

  • Your immunization record (childhood to present): Check with your family, physician, or high school to get a copy of your records
  • Travel worksheet or a copy of your itinerary listing all locations you will be traveling to if you are on a non-GFU sponsored trip. 
  • Your checkbook or cash to pay for immunizations (no debit or credit cards)
  • Health Insurance card to take to the pharmacy with your prescriptions
  • List of all medications and dosages that you are currently taking

*We may reschedule your appointment if you do not have your immunization records or itinerary available prior to the consultation.

We offer the following vaccines:

We also offer prescriptions for malaria, traveler’s diarrhea, high altitude sickness and motion sickness. Our consultation services are FREE for students on the Newberg campus. All other students or employees must pay the $20 copay. The Student Health Center can only bill the United Healthcare student insurance directly. For all other insurances we will provide a receipt for you to send to your insurance for reimbursement. While most childhood vaccinations are covered by insurance, travel vaccines are often NOT covered by insurance. Please check your plan for immunization coverage.

For specific information visit the Center for Disease Control (CDC) travel website and enter the location that you will be visiting.