Major: Undecided Freshman

Catalog: 2014-2015

*See MyGFU Academic Requirements for correct list of classes to meet requirements
**Class offered on alternate years. Adjust schedule as necessary. See department advisor for additional information.
Recommended Course Schedule Guide
First Year
Fall Semester Spring Semester
BIBL 100 Bible Survey 4   *COMM GE Requirement 3
GEED 130 First Year Seminar 1   *LITR GE Requirement 3
WRIT 110 College Writing 3   *Natural Science GE Requirement (6-8 sem credit hrs) 3
HHPA 120 Lifelong Fitness 2   *HIST GE Requirement 3
  *MATH GE Requirement 3   *Social Science GE Requirement (6 credits required) 3
  *Natural Science GE Requirement (6-8 sem credit hrs) 3      
Total Semester Credits 16 Total Semester Credits 15
Cumulative Credits 16 Cumulative Credits 31
Points to Remember
  1. If you are undecided about your major, try not to limit your options later.
    • If you might be interested in a Science major - take one of the 4 credit science courses instead of a 3 credit course.
    • If you desire a better Bible foundation, please take BIBL 101 and 102 instead of BIBL 100. Both 101 and 102 are necessary to complete the BIBL 100 requirement.
    • If you have taken AP courses or have college credits to transfer in, please make sure we have your transcripts.
    • If you might be interested in Philosophy, take PHIL 210 or 230 as your Humanties elective course during your freshman year.
  2. You may be able to switch your classes around through your four years at George Fox - following this course plan will help you to meet all your requirements. However, if classes are full, switch the semester you intend to complete that requirement with another.
  3. If you are interested in participating in a performance group or on an athletic team, you must add it to your corresponding semester schedule once you are officially accepted to the team or group.
  4. If you are interested in taking a foreign language course, you may tentatively add yourself to a class subject to the deparments testing. You may take the Spanish placement test online.


WRIT 110 may be waived with a verbal SAT score of 670 or higher. Math requirement may be waived with a math SAT score of 600 or higher.