Bridge Scholars

Bridge Scholars program

The George Fox Bridge Scholars program is designed to provide quality programming that prepares first-generation college students from under-resourced backgrounds to make a successful transition from high school to college and establish a strong foundation for college success.

The program includes a two-week, summer residential program in July that is designed to help students successfully transition into the university. It continues through a student’s first year with support features that include ongoing mentorship and course offerings in a cohort style.

Program benefits

Benefits of participating in the Bridge Scholars program include:

  • The cohort-based model helps students develop a network of collaborative relationships with peers, faculty and staff that are vital to their success on campus
  • Students who are part of the program are more likely to graduate when compared with their peers
  • Bridge Scholars gain a greater understanding of George Fox University culture
  • Participants will learn knowledge and skills to help them persist throughout their first year on campus
  • Students will start fall term having already completed their first college course for credit


To be eligible for the Bridge Scholars program at George Fox you must:

  • Be admitted to George Fox University
  • Be a first-time incoming student (no transfers from other four-year institutions)
  • Be a first-generation student and have demonstrated financial need
  • Be available for the duration of the two-week residential program July 21 – Aug. 4

Program Details

  • Live on campus with a cohort of 20 Bridge Scholars for two weeks during the summer (July 21-Aug. 4)
  • All class fees, meals and housing for the summer residency session are covered by the program
  • Take a two-week introductory summer course worth one elective credit
  • Take LIBA 100 during fall term together as a student cohort
  • Attend monthly cohort meetings throughout the school year
  • Be matched with a peer mentor to meet with throughout the school year
Bridge Scholars Program Application

Applications are due May 15

Want to learn more?

If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please contact Connor Smalling via email at or by phone at 503-554-2323.



There is no cost to the student to attend the Bridge Scholars two-week summer residency program from July 21 through Aug. 4. All housing, meals, and the cost for the one elective credit class during these two weeks are covered by George Fox.
A first-generation college student is defined as being the first person in their family to attend a four-year college or university (neither parent has completed a bachelor’s degree).
Research has shown that students who participate in a summer Bridge Program are more likely to graduate college and have a higher GPA compared to their peers.
To apply to the Bridge Scholars program, you will need to fill out an application.
The George Fox Bridge Scholars program is designed to provide quality programming that prepares first generation college students from underserved backgrounds to engage the classroom and campus environment and, persist to graduation. It includes a two-week, residential program that takes place from July 21 through August 4 designed to help students successfully transition into the university prior to the start of fall semester. Students will also take the LIBA 100 course together in the fall, attend monthly Bridge Scholar meetings and meet with a peer mentor throughout the school year.
Enrollment is limited to 20 first-year students.
Yes, all Bridge Scholars are required to live in campus housing for the duration of the summer residency program from July 21 through Aug. 4. Please refer to our Housing Policies for all full-time undergraduate students residency requirements during the academic year.
The Bridge Scholars summer residency session of the program will run from Friday, July 21 through Friday, August 4. Participants will then take the LIBA 100 class together during the fall, attend monthly scholar meetings and continue to meet with their peer mentor throughout the school year.
Due to the time required by the Bridge Scholars summer residency program, students are not allowed to work while participating in the program July 21 to Aug. 4.
Students are required to stay in campus housing during the duration of the summer residency session, including weekends. Throughout the week students will be engaged in classroom discussions and workshops which will take place on campus. On the weekends, students will be involved in activities that are designed to build community while also getting to know the Newberg area. Because of this, students are required to stay on campus for the full duration of the summer session from July 21 through Aug. 4.
Yes, however, we discourage from students from bringing personal vehicles during the two-week summer residency portion of the program. You are required to stay on campus at all times during this two-week period. If there is an off-campus activity, we will provide transportation.
You will be notified by email of your acceptance.
You will receive an email with a list of things to bring with you, upon acceptance into the program.
Some of the activities planned include a challenge course, off-campus hikes and other intentional activities, designed to build relationships between students.
Move-in is from 9 a.m. to noon on Friday, July 21. This is the first day of a mandatory three-day orientation. The first day of class is on Monday, July 24.
The academic work in this course will be centrally concerned with growing your knowledge on how to successfully navigate your college career at George Fox University. Readings and assignments will be focused on helping you investigate the purpose of college, to grow your understanding of the distinctiveness of a Christian education, and meaningfully explore identity development as a first-generation student. Other practical skills critical to success in college will also be addressed such as how to navigate the various systems and offices you’ll encounter at Fox (for example, FoxTALE, MyGFU, Financial Aid, IDEA center). We will also discuss strategies for overcoming challenges (both academic and personal) in order to be a successful college student.