Equipment Reservations

Classroom and meeting equipment reservations can be made through CheqRoom.  All reservations are customer pick-up and customer return.  

To learn how to enter a single item reservation, enter multiple item reservations, and cancel reservations, check out our document CheqRoom: How to Reserve Equipment.

For further assistance with an equipment reservation, please contact the IT Service Desk via email at or by calling 503-554-2569.

Media Production Services Requests for Events

If you are planning an event on the Newberg campus that requires sound, video recording or production staffing, please complete the new  Media Production Services Event Request form.  This would include department-specific, campus-wide or public events requiring media production support. Even if you are unsure of your specific needs, our staff will be alerted to your request, and we will work with you to make your event the best quality possible.

For assistance with production services for events, please contact Media Production Services via email  or by calling  503-554-2578 .