Computer Support and Repair

We are here to help. The IT service desk team includes several certified technicians, all with years of experience in computer support. Repair services include:

  • Software - our team of technicians can cover your needs with most standard software packages. Services include deskside coaching (one-on-one sessions where you set the agenda), spot coaching (to help you with a particular feature or solve a specific problem) by phone or in person, troubleshooting problem applications, and installing or re-installing software. Included as software is the operating system of your computer, whether Windows or Apple.
  • Hardware - basic hardware services for university-owned hardware are provided on site. Our team can troubleshoot problems and install or replace components. If your computer is still under warranty, however, or if the problem is more advanced, we will usually assist with returning the computer to its vendor for servicing. It typically takes 8-12 days for a computer to return from the vendor.
  • Ghosting - for standard models on campus, the IT team is able to "ghost" the computer back to the original software and OS configuration. This is a quick (about 15 minutes) solution to complex software or operating system problems. Your personal files will need to be backed up to another drive or CD-ROM before ghosting. In many ways, ghosting is like setting the clock back to the day you first got your computer (too bad it doesn't remove scratches and dents).

How long will a repair take? This is the magic question. When you first call or bring in your computer, our technicians will take in your computer while recording any information to help in the troubleshooting process. A request will be created. All requests are taken in the order they are received. We do our best to work through requests in about 24 hours, depending on workload. After our Full-Time Technician is able to look at your computer they will contact you regarding the course of action to be taken.