FoxFiles is a document management system that provides the George Fox community with convenient Internet access to your files. You can store and share files with FoxFiles and access the files from any device with an Internet connection. Use your standard George Fox username and password to log in to FoxFiles.  FoxFiles uses Xythos software.

To access FoxFiles, click the FoxFiles link in the George Fox Resources block in your MyGFU home page, or type this URL into the address bar of your Web browser:

If you have any problems accessing FoxFiles or logging in, you can e-mail or call the IT Service Desk (503-554-2569) for assistance.

FoxFiles Quick Guides
FoxFiles Getting Started
FoxFiles Secure Drop Box
FoxFiles Tutorial

Xythos Drive

If you will frequently edit and save files in FoxFiles, you might want to use Xythos Drive software.  Xythos Drive allows you to map a drive to a Foxfiles folder and use the drive as you would use your H, K, or other network drives.  It speeds up the process of editing and saving files.  To request Xythos Drive, submit a request to the IT Service Desk.