Dealing with a virus

If you think that you have a virus there are two options you can take.

  1. Have the service desk 'ghost' or rebuild your computer. This method is recommended because it guarantees that all viruses and spyware are removed from your computer and can be quicker than scanning with removal software.
    Ghosting is available for standard models on campus, including CAC computers. The IT team is able to 'ghost' the computer back to the original software and OS configuration. This is a quick (about 15 minutes) solution which basically sets your computer back to the day you first got it. Your personal files will need to be backed up to another drive or CD-ROM before ghosting.
    If your computer cannot be ghosted then the service desk will rebuild your computer if you provide the necessary disks.
  2. Use the following tools to remove the virus yourself. (These are also the steps to prevent future viruses from infecting your machine.)
    1. Install Norton Antivirus, run LiveUpdate, and run the scan disk function. Often this tool can remove or quarantine the virus and prevent it from reoccurring. After installing be sure to run the LiveUpdate feature frequently to get the latest virus definitions. 
    2. Install AVG Free 8.5 and scan for spyware. Don't forget to check for updates before scanning.
    3. Run Windows Update regularly. (from Internet Explorer click->Tools->Windows Update, or Win98: Start->Settings->Windows Update, Win2000: Start->Windows Update, WinXP: Start->All Programs->Windows Update)
    4. If you have any questions about these steps or encounter a virus that cannot be removed/quarantined, please contact the service desk at 503-554-2569.
    5. Norton Antivirus says it has quarantined a virus but cannot remove it, is there still a danger to my computer? No, if the virus has been quarantined then your computer should be safe and the virus can no longer spread.