What IT does for Students

What IT will do for you:student using computer in quad

  • Provide information for student to setup computing devices for campus network use.
  • Provide coaching for common university computing practices.
  • Provide WiFi in all campus housing and maintain existing ethernet jacks.
  • Perform repairs on all Macintosh computers. We are an authorized Apple repair shop.
  • Attempt data recover, but make no promise of recovery.
  • Provide recommendations when service is not supported. (i.e. outside vendor contact)
  • Assist and advise use of media tool in classrooms. ( projectors, displays, etc.)
  • Provide recommendations for anti-virus software.

IT is not able to:

  • Repair computers or other hardware not mentioned above.
  • Clean student machines if they become infected by viruses. Nor do we supply cleaning software in such cases.
  • Set up computers for other local networks, (Verizon DSL, Attbi, Comcast, etc.).
  • Provide Operating Systems or software (MS Office) for student use.
  • Set-up personal printers, personal WiFi or entertainment devices

Student Employment

Think you have what it takes to work for IT? Click on the link above to find out how to apply for employment as a student, and become part of 'IT'.