Google Email Troubleshooting

How to Connect

There are several ways to connect to Google email:

  1. Through a web browser(recommended), can be checked from anywhere with an Internet connection. Go to
  2. Through IMAP or POP3, allows you to send/receive at the next connection or to use a specific email client (such as Mail on Mac, or Outlook, PC -only).

Username/Password information

  • Google email login IDs are created by the following rules. If a name is already taken then the next rule will be applied until a valid username is found.
    1. Using an existing MyGeorgeFox username (if one exists).
    2. (dswanson20) first initial + last name (up to 13 characters) + academic year (2 digit)
    3. (swansond20) last name (up to 13 characters) + first initial + academic year (2 digit)
    4. (dans20) first name (up to 13 characters) + last initial + academic year (2 digit)
    5. (d1swanson20) first initial + next number (1 digit) + last name (up to 12 characters) + academic year (2 digit)
  • If you are asked for a domain, use campus in all lower-case letters.
  • If you have forgotten or never received your password, contact the IT service desk at #2569 on campus or (503) 554-2569 for those off campus or email

General Questions

Help! I can't login.
  1. Double check that you correctly typed in your username and password.
  2. Type only your username, NOT your email address
  3. Make sure that caps lock is not enabled. Your username and password are case sensitive.
How do I get a Google email account set up?
  • Students: Student accounts are created based upon the "confirm" flag set by the Registrar. If a student has not confirmed with the registrar, their email account will not be created until they do.
  • Employees: Employee accounts are created on notification from Human Resources. If the account is not already set up upon arrival, the employee's supervisor should contact the Service Desk.

If you need additional assistance or this page doesn't answer your questions please contact the IT Service Desk at (503) 554-2569 for assistance.