Google Email Troubleshooting

How to Connect

There are several ways to connect to Google email:

  1. Through a web browser, can be checked from anywhere with an Internet connection. Go to
  2. Through the Corporate mode/Exchange server (Outlook). Provides the most features and immediate notification when a new message is delivered. Note: This is only available on the administrative network on campus.
  3. Through IMAP or POP3, allows you to send/receive at the next connection or to use a specific email client (such as Mail or Eudora).

Username/Password information

  • Google email login IDs are created by the following rules. If a name is already taken then the next rule will be applied until a valid username is found.
    1. Using an existing MyGFU username (if one exists).
    2. (dswanson03) first initial + last name (up to 13 characters) + academic year (2 digit)
    3. (swansond03) last name (up to 13 characters) + first initial + academic year (2 digit)
    4. (dans03) first name (up to 13 characters) + last initial + academic year (2 digit)
    5. (d1swanson03) first initial + next number (1 digit) + last name (up to 12 characters) + academic year (2 digit)
  • If you are asked for a domain, use campus in all lower-case letters.
  • If you have forgotten or never received your password, give a Call to the IT service desk at #2569 on campus or (503) 554-2569 for those off campus.

General Questions

Help! I can't login.
  1. Double check that you correctly typed in your username and password.
  2. Make sure that caps lock is not enabled. Your username and password are case sensitive.
How do I get a Google email account set up?
  • Students: Student accounts are created based upon the "confirm" flag set by the Registrar. If a student has not confirmed with the registrar, their email account will not be created until they do.
  • Employees: Employee accounts are created on notification from Human Resources. If the account is not already set up upon arrival, the employee's supervisor should contact the Service Desk.

Additional Email Policy - on spam, attachments, mail expiration, broadcast messages, return addresses, and more.

If you need additional assistance or this page doesn't answer your questions please contact the IT Service Desk at (503) 554-2569 for assistance.