Media Duplication & Conversion

Media Production Services offers the ability to duplicate media such as DVDs and CDs, as well as converting older media (such as VHS, Cassette Tapes, or Photo Slides) to digital formats  for classroom and academic use only.

For more information, visit our Service Desk, send us an email, or call us at 503-554-2569.

Copyright Permissions

While we have the ability to process many different kinds of media, there are certain types of usage when we may need expressed written permission from the copyright holder. With some exceptions involving fair use in an academic setting, it is unlawful to duplicate or edit any copyrighted media (recorded TV shows, feature films, etc.) without such permission.

For further information about copyright, or assistance in acquiring permission for your media, email us at

Production Costs

CD or DVD w/ Label & Case $2.50
CD or DVD w/ Label $2.00
CD or DVD w/ Case $1.75
CD or DVD $1.25
Staff Labor $20/hour