Media-Enabled Classrooms

Many of the classrooms across campus are now pre-built with sound and projection equipment ready for in-class use. These rooms include projectors, screens and speakers, all controlled via a central podium. These rooms are ideal for powerpoint and video presentations. Media Production Services supports over 90 such classrooms, and services them on a regular basis.

Media-Enabled Classroom

If you have questions or concerns about a Media-Enabled Classroom,
call our Service Desk at 503-554-2569.

Frequently Asked Questions

Overhead vs. "Overhead"

As technology progresses, you will notice that we are moving away from the overhead projector-- large boxes that project transparency sheets onto a wall or screen-- and are installing data projectors in our Media Enabled Classrooms. For the best picture, these projectors are commonly mounted on the ceiling, above the heads of the students. This can lead to some confusion, as the logical conclusion is to call these new projectors "overhead projectors." While, yes, this new technology is located overhead, it is not to be confused with its older counterpart.

Event Venues

The following classrooms are equipped with built-in sound systems, and are ideal venues for lectures, meetings and presentations with large audiences:

    • Hoover 105
    • Cap & Gown Room
    • Roberts Center 117

Media Production Services also provides support, maintenance and staff for event recording in Bauman Auditorium and Wheeler Gymnasium, our largest spaces on campus.

For more information about these rooms, call the Service Desk at 503-554-2569, or email us at

To reserve a room for your event, contact event services at 503-554-2027, or by email at