Media-Enabled Classrooms

Many of the classrooms across campus are now pre-built with sound and projection equipment ready for in-class use. These rooms include projectors, screens and speakers, all controlled via a central podium. These rooms are ideal for powerpoint and video presentations. Media Production Services supports over 90 such classrooms, and services them on a regular basis.

Media-Enabled Classroom

If you have questions or concerns about a Media-Enabled Classroom,
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Frequently Asked Questions

Overhead vs. "Overhead"

As technology has progressed, often the terminology for video projectors mounted on the ceiling in classrooms, can be confused with the older "overhead projectors" once used for projecting transparencies onto screens. While, yes, video projection technology is located  overhead , it is not to be confused with its older counterpart.

Playing VHS tapes and DVD/Blu-ray discs

You will notice that we are moving away from VHS players in our Media Enabled Classrooms. VHS tapes and, more recently, VHS players and recorders have stopped being manufactured by electronic companies. As we update technology in classrooms, we have been installing DVD players to replace the older VHS ones. These players will playback both standard definition DVD and Blu-ray High Definition discs. These formats are inline with current technology and significantly greater quality then the older VHS cassette tape format.