Log in to MyGFU

MyGFU, using Oracle PeopleSoft software, is an online system that enables students, employees, and alumni to log in and view their own personal information page. MyGFU contains records such as addresses, class enrollment, grades, financial balances, and other information that is made available depending on your status at George Fox. MyGFU is a secure, password-protected system, ensuring that only you can access your personal information.

Each person is given login and password information upon becoming part of the George Fox community. A person's login and password information is e-mailed directly to all e-mail accounts on file for this person. If you have any problems accessing MyGFU or logging in, you can contact the Service Desk.

MyGFU can be accessed at


student lounging and using computerIn MyGFU, you can view your class schedule, view your student account, register for classes, add and drop classes, forward your George Fox email to a non-George Fox email account, and view your academic requirements. You can also access required enrollment forms such as Medical Insurance, Measles Immunization Record, and Vehicle Registration. Student employees can also view paychecks.

Faculty & Staff

In MyGFU, you can view your class rosters, view your advisees and their academic information, submit grades, view academic advisement reports, view your paychecks, and forward your George Fox email to a non-George Fox email account.

Request additional permissions to MyGFU by contacting the Service Desk.


You can access MyGFU for unofficial transcripts. If you need assistance to access MyGFU, contact the Service Desk.

Instructions for Using MyGFU

The Registrar's office has placed guides with instructions for using MyGFU on their website for Student Resources and Faculty and Staff Resources