Campus Network

Technology is an important tool for those who work and learn at George Fox, and the network helps to deliver many of these tools. When it works at its best, the network is our invisible and trustworthy assistant.

girl using computer in the quadNetwork connections (wired and/or wireless) are provided in every office, residence hall, classroom and at public areas in nearly all of our buildings. Behind these connections is a 100 megabit (or faster) ethernet network and, on the Newberg campus, an all-fiber network between our buildings. This Internet connection is filtered (to block pornography & known malicious sites) and "shaped" (to give higher priority to e-mail and web, for example).

The Newberg and Portland campuses are serviced through fiber Internet connections. All of the remote learning centers are connected to the Newberg campus with an encrypted point-to-point tunnel. 

For more complete information on how to connect, what to expect, and how to handle problems as they occur chose one of the links from this list.

If you have concerns about network connection or performance you should first check our Emergency Communication Website which is separate from the George Fox network. George Fox Emergency Communication Website