Gaming and Entertainment Device Network Registration

Students wishing to connect gaming or other entertainment devices to the computer network have two options.


If your gaming or entertainment device has an ethernet port, use it. If the port in your room is not active, just submit a request to the IT Service Desk to have it activated. Be sure and provide your building name, room number and data port number in your request.


If you want to connect your gaming or entertainment device to the wireless network follow these steps to find the device MAC address and register the device for network access.

  1. Find your device wireless MAC address. A MAC address is the devices unique identifier. It contains 12 alphanumeric characters (0-9, A-F), similar to 7C-ED-8D-56-65-19. You'll often find this address on a label on the bottom of the device, or on the box it came in. On some devices like the Amazon Echo and Google Chromecast, you'll need to power on the device and start the configuration process with the appropriate App before the MAC address is provided. Only proceed far enough to get the MAC address. Once you find it, copy the address down carefully, you'll need it later.
  2. Register your device. Using you laptop or tablet/phone
    1. Open a browser and go to and login using your George Fox credentials. Note: For some groups and in some browsers, if you have not accepted the secure certificate on this device before, a warning will pop up and indicate that the identity of the server can not be verified. You can always review the certificate to ensure that it is named and issued by Go Daddy Server Certificate Authority before accepting or trusting the certificate. Once the certificate is trusted, you'll be able to access the registration website.
    2. Click on 'Create Device'.
    3. Enter a Device name that will make sense to you and those around you, e.g. Nathan's Apple TV.
    4. Enter the MAC address of your gaming or entertainment device -  the one you copied down in an earlier step.
    5. Check the 'Enable AirGroup' if you want others nearby to see and access your device.
    6. Click the 'Create Device' button.
  3. Finish your setup and test. After a couple minutes, back on your gaming or entertainment device,
    1. Connect to the 'Bruin-Guest' wireless network.
    2. Test to verify that you have internet access.
    3. After completing these steps, you should have a working network connection on your gaming or entertainment device. A few devices may required a reboot to connect successfully at this point.

Please contact the IT Service Desk if you still are unable to connect.