Network and Security

Campus Network

Technology is an important tool for those who work and learn at George Fox, and the network helps to deliver many of these tools. When it works at its best the network is our invisible and trustworthy assistant.

Network and Security

Network connections (wired and/or  wireless ) are provided in every office, residence hall, classroom and at public areas in nearly all of our buildings.

Learn more about our campus network.

Connecting from Off Campus

For employees, we have Virtual Private Networks (VPN) to both the Newberg Campus and the Portland Center. This allows broadband connections to act as if the home computer is on campus, enabling you to access files on your work computer and other networked resources.

For Computer Science and Engineering students, we have a Virtual Private Network (VPN) available also. This will allow your computer to access the CS/ENGR network remotely.

Review our Google Docs documentation for instruction on downloading and configuring the client software.