Contacting IT Policy

Why Call the Service Desk Instead of Dialing the Person I Want Directly?

Service starts by contacting the IT service desk to generate a work request. Because Institutional Technology utilizes a campus-wide work order system, it is necessary for all requests to go through the service desk and not to individual IT technicians. Effective August 1, 2001 this also includes all MPS and video center requests.

Once we have received your work request we will be able to:

  • Provide you with a request number.
  • Delegate and dispatch work to appropriate expert.
  • Provide a call-back or other confirmation for electronically submitted requests.

Exceptions to calling the Service Desk first would be made when returning a call or for ongoing work on a project.

How Do I Contact IT?

To contact IT you simply call the Service Desk at 503-554-2569. You can also e-mail the Service Desk at "" and expect a reply within one business day. Institutional Technology uses an integrated tracking system for questions and requests. This system helps us adapt our services to best meet the needs of the University. In order for this system to work, however, it is critical that all incoming calls be routed through the Service Desk.

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