IT Service Desk Policy


Requests for Institutional Technology services must be directed to the Service Desk. Effective August 1, 2001 this will include Instructional Media and Video Service requests. The Service Desk will prioritize the request as described below.


Prioritization of requests for service. Requests will be prioritized by the Dispatcher on duty as they are received.

Level 1:

  • Classroom Disruption-Technical problem that presents an obstacle to the teaching-learning environment.
  • Business Process Failure-Technical problem that stops a department from functioning or from providing service to their customers.

Level 2:

  • Work Stopper-Individual is prevented from doing their work due to a technical problem; there may be a possible work around solution.

Level 3:

  • Inconvenience-Problem can be resolved within two business days, does not stop an individual from performing necessary work.

Level 4:

  • Routine-Scheduled work (including equipment and production requests), regular maintenance, system upgrades, new equipment set-up, technical questions.

Initiation of request for service. Requests can be initiated in one of four ways:

  1. E-Mail - addressed to that states the nature of the request and a date the requestor would like to have the request completed by.
  2. Walk-In - During Service Desk operating hours the desk is staffed and will take your request in person.
  3. Phone - Calls to the Service Desk are processed the same as each of the two methods above.
  4. Web Request - The following link Service Desk Web Form will take you to our online request form.

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