Cellular Voice and Data Policy


George Fox University wants to provide a cost effective, convenient, and consistent cellular voice/data plan for employees who need this service for business purposes. The objectives of this policy are to:
  • Provide guidelines for employees whose jobs require a cellular voice/data device.
  • Apply standards to voice/data equipment and service agreements
  • Simplify and manage the University’s relationship with cellular providers
  • Provide a system for monitoring usage patterns so that plans can be modified to better meet the needs of the user
  • Ensure that the University’s acquisition of services are cost effective


This policy applies to all faculty and staff of the University.


  1. Cellular Service Vendors: 
    1. The University will, at its discretion, enter into contracts with cellular service providers. During the period of the contract, the University will only purchase voice/data devices and use the service provided within the terms of the contract for use by its employees. 
  2. Eligibility and Approval:
    1. Cellular phones and remote data services may be provided to employees in designated positions who need to conduct University business via voice or email away from their office on a frequent basis. 
      1. Percentage of work that requires frequent (25%) communication away from a designated office (either on-premises or remote)
      2. Position is a primary designated member of the Emergency Response Team
      3. Immediate response is required to resolve problems impacting health and safety of university constituents
      4. Immediate response is required to resolve problems impacting continuity of critical university operations
    2. The Executive Leadership Team will provide an annual review of:
      1. Positions requiring a university issued phone
  3. Equipment:
    1. Equipment will be determined by Institutional Technology in consultation with Purchasing and the chosen cellular vendor.
    2. Individual departments and positions may not use department funds to purchase upgraded plans or equipment.
    3. Smart watches are not currently eligible for purchase using university funds.
    4. Equipment replacement may be made in the case of equipment failure, loss or damage or if the account is eligible for new equipment. 
    5. Accessories purchased in conjunction with the phone are limited to cases, car chargers and hands-free equipment. This equipment will be provided by IT at the time a new or upgraded phone is purchased. 
  4. Reimbursement for personal plans:
    1. The university does not reimburse for personal cellular or data plans.
    2. The university will not pay for equipment purchased in conjunction with a personal cellular plan. 
  5. Monitoring:
    1. Managers and supervisors are responsible for educating employees about appropriate voice/data procedures, the monitoring of their usage and review of employees portion of the monthly bill. 
  6. Program Management:
    1. The relationship with cellular providers shall be managed through financial affairs department. 
    2. All purchases of cellular telephones and services will be made through IT.
    3. All appropriate approvals must be in place before IT will purchase equipment or services.
    4. If an employee in a position covered by this policy leaves the University or changes positions within the University to one that does not fall under this policy, University owned phones are to be returned to Institutional Technology upon leaving the position.