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Learn about the newest features coming to FoxTALE in August 2015

FoxTALE will be upgraded this coming August to stay in alignment with updates at  The system will be unavailable during the upgrade.  We have scheduled the upgrade to be completed on the day of the Fall Faculty Conference in order to minimize disruption. You will find a description of the upgrade features at FoxTALE Overview of New Features for 2.8 Upgrade

See the Schedule of Development Events for one of the FoxTALE New Features webinars we are offering over the month of April.

Here are some of the highlights of the new version:

        • Atto, the new text editor with autosave (see section 2.1)
        • Improved Grader report with single view and grade history report (see section 4.1)
        • Improved Quiz edit screen and completion settings (3.2)
        • Online text assignment with inline comments (see section 2.3)
        • Forum enhancements with better navigation and subscribe to individual discussions (see section 5)
        • Enhanced Conditional Activities (see section 2.2)


Newest features currently in FoxTALE

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Start of Semester Reminders

  • Use your new, empty FoxTALE sites as the sites in which you will teach. You may import content from another course site. See the instructions here for importing. Did you use ShareStream Media Server in your previous course?  Contact the Service Desk to use it for your future courses.
  • Show your course to your students.  Your new FoxTALE sites are hidden from students. When you are ready to make a site visible, go to Administration>Course Administration> Edit settings on the course home page. In the General section, change the Visible setting from Hide to Show. This setting has changed from previous semesters
  • If your course site is set to Weekly Topics, your course might show incorrect dates.  To change the dates, go to Adiministration> Course administration > Edit settings on the course home page.  Scroll down to the Course start date, and change it to the first day of your new course.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and Save changes.”

  • Remember that all students enrolled in your class in MyGFU will automatically be enrolled in your FoxTALE course site. As students add and drop your course in MyGFU, they will be added to or removed automatically from your FoxTALE site.

End of Semester Reminders

  • If you used the FoxTALE grade book for any of your FoxTALE course sites, we recommend that you back up any previous semester grade book to a spreadsheet that is saved outside of FoxTALE. See the instructions here for backing up grades.  You will want to keep an archive of your course grades that cover the last five years

FoxTALE, Fox Teaching And Learning Environment is the Learning Management System (LMS) used at George Fox University by teachers and students to provide options for online classroom interaction. The actual Learning Management System is the open source Moodle program. Typical uses are for providing a Web-based presence for course schedule and syllabus, online testing, forum discussions, digital resource library and grade book. 

If you would like to use FoxTALE for your class, you can begin the process by reading the Getting Started guide below or by contacting the Service Desk. We can provide technical support as well as course development assistance through our Faculty Technology Mentor Program.

If you would like to use Moodle for a public project that includes participants beyond George Fox students and employees, read about Moodle Community.

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FoxTALE Quick Guides:

Set Up - Your Profile and Your Browser
Start the Semester
Upload Files and Share Resources
Add Assignments and Grades
Divide Students into Groups (optional)
Add Forums (Online Discussions), Glossaries, and Questionnaires to Your Course Online Discussion Protocols (courtesy of the Seminary)
Add a Library Resources Block
Enhance Content
Online Quizzes
Communicate to Students in FoxTALE
Close Out the Term
Resources for Students

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FoxTALE Screencasts:

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