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FoxTALE Changes for 2018-19 Course Sites

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If you would like to use FoxTALE for your class, you can begin the process by reading the FoxTALE Getting Started and the FoxTALE Course LIfe Cycle guides (also listed below) or by contacting the Service Desk. We can provide technical support as well as course development assistance through our Faculty Technology Mentor Program.

If you would like to use Moodle for a public project that includes participants beyond George Fox students and employees, read about Moodle Community.

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FoxTALE Quick Guides:

Set Up - Your Profile and Your Browser
Start the Semester
Upload Files and Share Resources

Add Assignments and Grades

Divide Students into Groups (optional)

Other Options

Add Forums (Online Discussions), Glossaries, and Questionnaires to Your Course Online Discussion Protocols (courtesy of the Seminary)
Add a Library Resources Block
Enhance Content
Online Quizzes
Communicate to Students in FoxTALE
Close Out the Term
Resources for Students

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