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Good to know:

  • All FoxTALE course sites are intitially hidden from student view.  When your content is ready, make the course site visible to students. Learn how
  • For best results use the Mozilla Firefox web browser when accessing the FoxTALE site. Using other browsers (Chrome, IE, Edge, Safari) can result in issues using the FoxTALE site.

If you would like to use FoxTALE for your class, you can begin the process by reading the FoxTALE Getting Started and the FoxTALE Course LIfe Cycle guides (also listed below) or by contacting the Service Desk. We can provide technical support as well as course development assistance through our Faculty Technology Mentor Program.

If you would like to use Moodle for a public project that includes participants beyond George Fox students and employees, read about Moodle Community.

The Digital Learning Team invite you to attend web conferences being offered in the Faculty Development Spring Offerings Form

FoxTALE Quick Guides:

The default homepage is your Dashboard and shows a Course overview page listing your course sites in a “timeline” view or “courses” view. Learn more about how your courses are listed.

FoxTALE Dashboard Organization of Courses
Introduction FoxTALE Getting Started
FoxTALE Course Life Cycle
FoxTALE with Mobile Devices
FoxTALE Switch Student View
Set Up - Your Profile and Your Browser FoxTALE User Menu and Preferences
FoxTALE Update Your Profile/Add a Photo
Configure Your Browser
Secure Server
Start the Semester
Make Your Course Visible
Import Course Content from a previous course
Set up Student Self Enrollment with an Enrollment Key (not needed for academic course sites)
Manual Enrollment - Add an additional teacher or non-editing teacher
Communicate to Students in FoxTALE Announcements Forum
Upload Files and Share Resources
Upload Files (such as your syllabus)
Drag and Drop Resources
Create a Folder Collection

Add Assignments and Grades

Assignment File Download
FoxTALE Assignment Grading
Basic Grade Book -no weighted categories
Advanced Grades -with weighted categories

Divide Students into Groups (optional)

Other Options

Using Small Groups for Online Discussion Forums
Track Student Participation/Attendance
FoxTALE Attendance Activity
FoxTALE Conditional Activities with Restricted Access
FoxTALE Course Completion Tracking
Add Forums (Online Discussions), Glossaries, and Questionnaires to Your Course Forums (Online Discussions)
Using Small Groups for Online Discussion Forums
Grading Online Discussion Forums
Grading Online Discussion Forums (2:35 video)
VoiceThread (Online Discussion)
Glossaries - Add an Entry
Glossaries - Import Oxford References
Online Discussion Protocols (courtesy of the Seminary)Netiquette
Online Discussion Participation
Enhance Content FoxTALE Turnitin Originality Reporting
Add a Link to a Website
Using the ShareStream Pick and Play
Embed a Google Calendar
Insert an Image
Online Quizzes Quizzes
Quizzes - FAQs
Quiz Retakes
Students who need extra time for quizzes
Close Out the Term
Back up Grades
Resources for Students Student Guide
Student Uploading and Downloading Files

See also:  Student FoxTALE page

FoxTALE Screencasts:

Instructions for playing FoxTALE screencast videos:

Make sure you are using the Firefox browser.  You can download the browser at  NOTE:  The Internet Explorer browser will not work for these videos.
Make sure you are using the QuickTime player.  You can download it at    NOTE:  You should set QuickTime as your computer's default player.

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