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FoxTALE, Fox Teaching And Learning Environment, is a course management system used at George Fox University by professors and students to provide options for online classroom interaction. Typical uses are for providing a web-based presence for course schedule and syllabus, online testing, forum discussions, digital resource library and grade book. FoxTALE uses Moodle software.

Good to know:

  • All FoxTALE course sites are intitially hidden from student view.  When your professor is ready, they will make the course visible to students enrolled in the course.
  • For best results use the Mozilla Firefox web browser when accessing the FoxTALE site. Using other browsers (Chrome, IE, Edge, Safari) can result in issues using the FoxTALE site.

FoxTALE Documentation:

Student Introduction to FoxTALE

Submitting a Turnitin Assignment

FoxTALE Update Your Profile/Add a Photo
FoxTALE User Menu and Preferences
FoxTALE Configure Your Browser

Locating Your Course
Adding Course Calendars
FoxTALE Post in a Forum
FoxTALE Using VoiceThread
FoxTALE Messaging and Quickmail
FoxTALE Uploading and Downloading Files

FoxTALE Using Mobile Devices

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