FoxTALE for Students

FoxTALE, Fox Teaching And Learning Environment, is a course management system used at George Fox University by professors and students to provide options for online classroom interaction. Typical uses are for providing a web-based presence for course schedule and syllabus, online testing, forum discussions, digital resource library and grade book. FoxTALE uses Moodle software.

Turnitin services may be unavailable during a scheduled maintenance period on Saturday, March 7, 2015, from 7 AM to 11 AM U.S. Pacific Time.  We apologize for any inconvenience. FoxTALE will be available during this time.

Logging on to FoxTALE

To begin, go to Your user ID and password are the same ones that you use for Google Email and MyGFU.

FoxTALE Documentation:
FoxTALE Student Guide

FoxTALE Turnitin Originality Reporting for Students

FoxTALE Add or Update Your Photo
FoxTALE Change "Enrol" to "Enroll"
FoxTALE Configuring Your Browser

FoxTALE Logging In
FoxTALE Search for a Course
FoxTALE Post in an Online Discussion
FoxTALE Quickmail Your Colleagues

FoxTALE Secure Server
FoxTALE Update Your Profile

FoxTALE Customize Your Course Overview

FoxTALE Uploading and Downloading Files

FoxTALE Uploading a file using mTouch+ and Google Drive
FoxTALE View Rubrics
FoxTALE with Mobile Devices

View and Sign up for Student Development Events

FoxTALE Screencasts:

Instructions for playing these videos:

FoxTALE Change Your Photo (1:47)
FoxTALE Dock and Undock Blocks (1:18)
FoxTALE Download Resource Files (0:50)
FoxTALE Post in an Online Discussion (4:31)
FoxTALE Take an Online Quiz (3:28)
FoxTALE Update Your Profile (1:58)
FoxTALE Uploading Assignment Files and Viewing Feedback (4:05)
FoxTALE View Rubrics in Assignments (2:02)

View and Sign up for Student Development Events

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