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I want to....


Manage my class

Share online resources with my class

    • Set up a class site/uploading content
    • Quizzes
    • Assignments, setting up an electronic dropbox
    • Grade Books
    • Embed Calendar
    • Embed Videos
    • Link to other sites
    • Add a library block to my course site: Refer to Libguide resource
    • Set up a course-specific libguide with the library
  • *Use an e-book

Distribute an ebook

    • information in books, but may need to create a small google doc on just this so it is easier to find.
    • How and should we distribute books through iGFU


Communicate with my class online

*Email my class

*Have an online video-conference with class

*Have a text chat with class

Use a live poll in my class (responseware)

  • iGFU
  • Poll Everywhere - User Guide
  • FoxTALE Choice
  • NearPod
    • How it works
    • iPad only. For inquiries about Android app development, “Please contact so that we can understand what type of Android deployment you have in your institution and evaluate compatibility.” Taken from Nearpod forum 12/20/2012 Nearpod Forum Post

Mobile Device Technology

  • Utilize my iPad in classroom
    What apps work best on iPad for:

    • presentation

    • videos

    • video-conferencing- google hangouts

    • managing email - gmail, Mail,

    • accessing FoxTALE - FoxTALE Using Mobile Devices

    • taking notes apps - Notes, Evernote,

    • ebooks- ibooks, bluefire reader, kindle

    • taking e-polls- polleverywhere,

    • managing docs and files online and offline - google drive, docs, sheets, slides apps

  • Case Study - coming soon

*Create a Survey

*Share my media (audio, video, movies, images)

*Use video in instruction (short video recording or screencasting)

  • how to prepare media:  smaller pieces rather than one large piece; why smaller is better for students
    We recommend that you create your presentations in episodes of approximately 5-10 minutes each.  This strategy allows some opportunities for both you and your learners:

    • 1.  The learner can more easily manage watching shorter episodes, rather than finding a block of time to watch a long presentation.

    • 2.  Short episodes make the learner more likely to stop and reflect on the essential learning you have presented.

    • 3.  Short episodes allow the learner to more easily watch a presentation again, and retain more of the information.

    • 4.  Episodes that focus on a key concept, or a nuance of a concept, enable you to direct a student to the specific episode that helps them correct a misconception.

  • Camtasia

  • iPad whiteboards: Explain Everything; Explain a Website

  • iphone/ipad app for recording clicks (Air Server)

  • YouTube

Learn more about Google Apps


Design or teach an online or hybrid course and create an online community

*Where can I store my files?

*How do I backup my files?


Poll Everywhere (Responseware)

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