Mary Display

Display: Images of the Virgin Mary  

   The images in the center of the display are all cut out from old Christmas cards. Bell Badley donated her Christmas card collection to George Fox library in 1976. Her daughter Genevieve worked as a librarian for George Fox. In 1961 she moved to the Newberg Friendsview Manor.

This Christmas display used images to represent the ways that the Virgin Mary has been portrayed throught history. Iconography had an important role in the early church and was used as a way to convey the message of Christ to a population that was predominantly illiterate. Some used the Madonna as a way to relate to the congregation. In a time where infant mortality was high, the image of a mother and child was particularly precious. Examples of Mary were shown from the Byzantine era and the later Middle Ages. Western representations of the Virgin were contrasted with the "Black Madonna" icons. Though the role of Mary in the church has changed, her image continues to remind us of the ways God works through even the most ordinary of people. 

Creator: Kate Wilder 

Winter 2011

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