Off-Campus Volunteer-Employment Opportunities


Mercy Corps is a Portland-based international aid agency.

Internships with Mercy Corps are challenging opportunities for aspiring
international relief and development practitioners. They are a chance to apply
your education and experience to hands-on projects that contribute to Mercy Corps'
efforts to help people turn the crises they confront into the opportunities they
deserve, in support of our mission to promote productive, secure and just
communities. Driven by local needs, Mercy Corps programs provide
communities in the world's toughest places with the tools and support they
need to transform their own lives.

Click here for more information regarding Mercy Corps internships.

Additionally, a limited number of volunteer opportunities exist at the Mercy Corps'
Portland Action Center.


Portland Rescue Mission is a faith-based organization expressing the love
Jesus Christ by offering compassion, hope and healing to homeless and
addicted people.

Portland Rescue Mission values a culture of ministry that is highly relational, 
cultivates intimacy with Christ and openly expresses God’s love for all.

Portland Rescue Mission is dedicated to training compassionate and skilled workers
from the body of Christ. Interning or volunteering is a unique way to gain ministry
immersion and career development while working alongside experts in homeless
services and addiction recovery.

Internships and volunteering options vary greatly, so check here for
more information.


Fields of Peace  is a national network of faith communities committed
to emphasizing the message of peace and nonviolence. Participation is
open to all communities, including Baha’i, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu,
Jewish, Muslim, Native American, Taoist and others.

Fields of Peace addresses the primary problem in our world: The violence
of human against human. Through the moral leadership of religious communities,
we seek to educate ourselves to the practical wisdom and spiritual necessity
of nonviolence.

Fields of Peace provides participating communities with ongoing, ready-to-use
materials for teaching, preaching and practicing nonviolence. As a network,
communities share peacemaking ideas and are empowered by working together.

To become a participant, an individual or community simply commits to
emphasizing the message of peace found in its own religious tradition. 
There are no fees for joining or for educational materials.


Medical Teams International provides medical and dental care, humanitarian aid, and holistic development programs to all people in need, regardless of religion, nationality, sex, or race.

We respond to disasters around the world—and here at home—by sending teams of volunteer medical professionals and medical supplies to care for the sick and injured. We also mobilize long-term health promotion initiatives, collaborating with established partners within each community to ensure that our programs have a sustainable impact.

We see human suffering as a call – not just to open our hearts, but to move our feet. We are compelled by our Christian faith into action – a team, guided by compassion and magnified by expertise. We are committed to rise, mobilize, and make a difference.

Contribute your skills and time in ways that truly make a difference. We have volunteer opportunities for all backgrounds and skill sets at our Headquarters in Tigard, OR as well as short term international opportunities.

More information about Medical Teams International


Live and Work in DC with Sojourners

Sojourners strives to provide an internship program of Christian
discipleship, with a focus on life and faith, prayer and formation, and
work and mission.

Sojourners Internship Program is open to anyone 21 years or older who is
single or married without dependents (you must have a Social Security number).
We seek each year to have as much age, gender, class, race, and denominational
diversity as possible. Sojourners interns provide new energy, enthusiasm, and
vitality to our life together. You must be:

  • prepared to participate enthusiastically in issues and activities of
  • expecting to share a household where simple living is affirmed and
    caring relationships are nurtured;
  • eager to face the blessings and challenges of new cultural and class
    settings and of different perceptions and outlooks;
  • aware that learning from others is perhaps the best way to work
    alongside and accompany them.

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Teaching Opportunities in China for Graduates

Teaching Abroad is an organization that sends Christians to teach English in Chinese universities in mainland China. 

Each of the Chinese universities and colleges where TA teachers serve are official state-run schools in mainland China. One of the major needs of schools in China is high quality English language preparation for their students. These schools are very eager to have native English speaking teachers. Such teachers are provided for and warmly welcomed.

If you're interested in TA, contact Shawn McConaughey: 503.538.9419


Blood:Water Mission  Social Action Opportunities

Discover creative ways to help empower resource-poor communities to fight against HIV/AIDS and disease associated with poor sanitation and water access.

Various volunteer campaigns include "Water Walks", "Ride Well Tour", and "Lemon:Aid".

Learn more about Blood:Water Mission


Work and Serve with Mennonite Central Committee (MCC)

Join a global community of people responding to basic human needs and working for peace and justice in the name of Christ.

If you want to make a difference and you have a few hours of spare time or a few years to commit to service, MCC has a variety of volunteer and employment options for you to explore.

MCC workers serve with local churches and community groups in Canada, the United States and more than 50 countries addressing issues of peace, health, education, migration, justice, food and disasters.

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Venture Expeditions

Venture Expeditions - Adventure-driven social change

Do you like to bike, hike, or run? Have you ever considered hiking Kilimanjaro, Machu Picchu or biking across the US? Better yet, are you interested in taking on these challenges while raising money to raise awareness and money for social change? This might be the perfect fit for you.  The Venture Expeditions community empowers people to benefit the world and discover their souls through adventure-driven humanitarian efforts.

By joining a hiking, biking, running expedition or even a non-exercise oriented mission trip, you can be part of a team dedicated to changing the world one adventure at a time. 

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NAE Fellowship

NAE Fellowship for Evangelical Engagement

Are you someone who is bright, talented, and committed to public policies based on justice and righteousness? Someone who believes in protecting the sanctity of human life, caring for the poor both at home and abroad, promoting healthier marriages, reducing the threat of war and terrorism, and wisely stewarding God’s creation? Someone who believes that Christians should bring our distinctive vision of the common good into the public square, advocating with passion, humility and civility for the health of the nation?

If so, please consider becoming an NAE Fellow for Evangelical Engagement. This one year appointment is open to recent graduates, those wanting a mid-career sabbatical, and early retirees who want to finish strong. Based in the nation’s capital, NAE Fellows work to advance the principles outlined in For the Health of the Nation. NAE Fellows are supported through either their own funds, raised contributions, or part-time employment. The NAE offers training, supervision, and the opportunity to make a difference.

Applications are considered as received, with flexible starting dates.

For more information, contact Galen Carey at

The Center for Peace and Justice agrees in Spirit with the preponderance of the Health of the Nation document while differing on a few points. However, such differences do not keep us from promoting this potentially important and helpful position.


Peace Village Staff and Instructor Internship Positions

Peace Village Inc. is a national organization which develops curriculum and creates settings inn which nonviolence is taught to children and adults. We emphasize multi-cultural, inter-faith, inter-generational appreciation and the shared depth of our humanity. We envision an ever widening village in which conflicts are resolved through mutual respect and patient negotiation.

Among other programs, Peace Village day camps introduce children to nonviolence as a way of life. They learn in a setting that is multi-racial, multi-cultural and inter-faith. The curriculum, developed over 13 years, includes a number of core subjects: Meditation, Nonviolent Conflict Resolution, Yoga, Earth Conversations, Media Literacy, Peace Heroes and a variety of art and outward bound activities. Most camps are held for one week in the summer and can be hosted by any appropriate organization.

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Rotary International World Peace Fellowships

Rotary World Peace Fellows are leaders promoting national and international cooperation, peace, and the successful resolution of conflict throughout their lives, in their careers, and through service activities. Fellows can earn a master's degree in international relations, public administration, sustainable development, peace studies, and conflict resolution, or a related field, or a professional development certificate in peace and conflict resolution.

Rotary World Peace Fellowships fund either master's degree or professional development certificate study at one of the six Rotary Centers for International Studies in peace and conflict resolution at seven universities worldwide.

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Teach in Korea

Paid teaching opportunities in Korea for graduates and undergraduates

There are only two nationally-recognized public school programs strengthening English education in Korea. The National Institute for International Education (NIIED) manages both programs, English Program in Korea (EPIK) and Teach and Learn in Korea (TaLK). EPIK and TaLK were launched in 1995 and 2008, respectively, to improve the national curriculum in English education and nurture cross-cultural understanding.

EPIK requires a Bachelor's degree or higher. The length of employment is 1 year, benefits include free accommodation, monthly salary, teaching, entrance, exit, and settlement allowances, medical insurance, 1-week orientation, severance pay, and a vacation leave.

TaLK does not require a Bachelor's degree, but participants must be enrolled in a Bachelor's degree program (2nd year student) or have obtained an Associate's degree. Length of employment is 6 months - 1 year (your choice) and employment is in elementary schools only. Benefits include free accommodation, entrance, exit and settlement allowances, cultural field trips, medical insurance, monthly stipend, one-month orientation, and vacation leave.

For more information:

EPIK website, TaLK website, NIIED website


Mennonite Mission Network Service Opportunities
Mennonite Mission Network is the mission agency of Mennonite Church USA. Their work is focused on partnering with others to equip missional congregations and leaders to share the whole gospel of Jesus Christ in their culture.

Mennonite Mission Network offers a variety of ways to get involved and participate in voluntary service. Opportunities range from week-long service projects to multi-year service terms and can include a variety of tasks depending on a participant's skill set. Programs include:

  • Mennonite Voluntary Service: 1-2 year program in cities and towns across the US allowing participants to make a difference on issues like immigration, healthcare and the environment.
  • Service Adventure:10-month adventure in service, learning and growing spiritually. Participants live in community with other young adults and a house leader at various locations around the country.
  • Radical Journey: A 12 month intentional faith formation program within an Anabaptist perspective in several international locations
  • Door: 1-2 year program inviting individuals interested in urban ministry as a vocation to spend time engaging with God's transformative work in the city.

For more information about various programs visit:

Phone: 1-866-866-2872 Email:

The Haven

William Penn House Internship Program
The William Penn House is a hospitality center on Capitol Hill rooted and grounded in Quaker faith and practice. Some of the things they do include:
  • Sponsoring programs focused on peace and peace education, Quaker spirituality, social and economic justice, race relations, environmental concerns, community needs, homelessness, and the HIV-AIDS crisis
  • Connecting groups that come to Washington to learn about government and government policy
  • Serving as a resource center and meeting place for Quakers, both locally and nationally

Their internship opportunity provides a unique opportunity for individuals or couples who are in unity with Quaker faith and practice to live and work at the house, participating in community living while being encouraged to grow in areas for which they find an aptitude or a desire to contribute. The full time internship is a 40 hour work week. Half of a given week will be spent working with our programs and the other half will be spent on hospitality duty.

To find out more about the internship visit:


Byron Sandford-
Phone : 202.543.5560
Email :

The Haven

Internship opportunities with Bread for the World
Bread for the World is a collective Christian voice urging the nation’s decision makers to end hunger at home and abroad. By changing policies, programs, and conditions that allow hunger and poverty to persist, they hope to provide help and opportunity to the community. Bread for the World/Institute is located a few blocks from Capital Hill.

Intern positions are available in the following departments: Administration, Church Relations, Communications, Development and Member Services, Government Relations, Grassroots Organizing, and Bread for the World Institute. Each position is designed to provide information on public policy and the legislative process and to sharpen professional and organizational skills.

Visit for more information about these opportunities 

Jacqueline Jones (Program Coordinator)-  
Phone: 202-639-9400 ext 171


11 month internship opportunity with the Friends Committee on National Legislation
  The Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) fields the largest team of registered peace lobbyists in Washington, DC. 

FCNL offers eleven month internships in legislative and campaigns programs. Interns change public policy by attending hearing and coalition meetings, writing articles and action alerts, mobilizing supporters, and producing communications materials. They have professional supervision and freedom to branch out. The internship is a full-time commitment, starting in early September each year. Interns receive subsistence-level salary, health benefits, vacation, and sick leave. 

Please visit for more information about this great opportunity. 

Phone : 1-800-630-1330

casa de los amigos

Short and Long-term volunteer opportunities in Mexico City
Casa de los Amigos, a Quaker Center for Peace and international understanding in Mexico City, is looking for volunteers to serve from six months to one year.

The Casa depends on the service of many different types of volunteers to carry out its programs and build a community of friendship and solidarity.

If you are interested in any of these options please visit to read more about the Casa and the volunteer program. Casa de los Amigos is also open to considering other arrangements or proposals not listed. After reading the volunteer program description on the website, please write and let them know more about yourself and your interest.

Hayley Hathaway
Casa de los Amigos A.C.
Email:  voluntarios@casadelosamigos. org

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