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Megan Clark ('15)

Cinematic arts major Megan Clark ('15) uses film to reconcile relationships between sex offenders and society.

"A Documentary About Sex Offenders" will be a film attempting to debunk the fear-based conception that we hold as a society against sex offenders. Our repulsion and mistrust towards this people group is so commonplace that any other thoughts are literally countercultural.

But here's why I think we should change our thought process...

We, as a nation, place these men and women in prisons, give them therapy, release them, ostracize them, and then expect them to act responsibly. I firmly believe that although it is up to them to act within the law, it is our individual duty to unconditionally show love to these people, and hopefully through that, lessen recidivism rates and be an example of Christ in their lives.

If anything, my desire is to simply open up a dialogue; for I believe that this is the first and greatest step towards reconciliation.

Tierra Nueva

Tierra Nueva farm

Jamie Neavill '14 and Hannah Kunde '15 - interned with Tierra Nueva, a ministry for the migrant community in Mt. Vernon, Washington during the summer 2012. This reflection is a follow-up to our previous story on their internship.

...Upon arriving in May for the internship with Tierra Nueva, we were expecting to be working alongside people from the migrant community on a small, organic CSA. The internship came to be much more. In the first weeks, we learned about Tierra Nueva's extensive ministry. In addition to the CSA, Tierra Nueva runs the Faith House and the Underground Coffee Project. These branches of the ministry reach out to women with difficult pasts and men coming out of prison. Many staff also work as advocates for the marginalized and regularly visit the prison and migrant workers to hold Bible studies and build relationship.

Added: August 2012

Hannah Kunde

Hannah Kunde ('15)

Hannah Kunde '15 - interned with Mustard Seed Associates (MSA) during the summer 2012.

...This summer I had the enjoyable and unexpected opportunity to help out in the garden of Christine and Tom Sine. While there, the Sines talked about the Mustard Seed Associates (MSA), which they started and informed us about the new Cascadia semester off-campus study program/intentional community. I was fascinated by their thoughts on the benefits of living in intentional community with others, the current state of our economy (especially affecting college students who are facing expensive and ever-rising tuition), their encouragement to rethink how we spend/consume in society, and their hope for the future through creative thinking.

Added: August 2012

June Serve

Members of the June Serve team

June Serve Romania and Moldova 2012 was made up of 11 students, and two leaders - including CPJ director Clint Baldwin. Their work and time in Romania was discussed by several local news sources.

The team of students worked alongside members of the organization Word Made Flesh, assisting in various community service activities. Students had the chance to spend a week in a homestay situation with a local family in order to get an even more intimate look at the daily lives of many Romanians.

Romanian News Article link below: (in Romanian - use translating resource such as Google Translate to interpret text.)


Drew Miller

 Drew Miller ('14)

This summer, Drew Miller ('14) will be working on two farms in the French Alps through the Worldwide Organization of Organic Farms.

In exchange for his work, his employers will provide food, shelter and an immersion in French language and culture. During his time there, Drew hopes to find joy in the simplicity of farming while improving his French. He plans on spending time in nearby Annecy, known as the “Venice of the Alps,” while also traveling throughout the region.

Hannah Kunde & Jamie Neavill

  Hannah Kunde ('15) & Jamie Neavill ('14)

Jamie Neavill ('14) and Hannah Kunde ('15) will be co-leading the student club 'Quarae Verum' during the 2012-2013 school year (along with Beau Brown '14). This summer they will be working together near Mt. Vernon, WA at 'Tierra Nueva', a small organic farming community. They descibe their upcoming experience below.

" Tierra Nueva is a small, organic CSA farm in Mount Vernon, Washington. Their mission is to “cultivate God’s kingdom in the Skagit Valley through growing organic produce for local sale, providing advocacy and support for marginalized families, and promoting sustainable, organic agriculture and healthy lifestyles”.

While working at Tierra Nueva, Jamie and I will be spending the days working on the farm, learning about organic agriculture, and one evening out of the week participating in an advocacy training course where we will be learning about walking alongside those marginalized in our community along with other practical information related to the legal system, addiction and recovery, gangs, and immigration.

We are both grateful for this opportunity to learn and walk alongside people who are committed to furthering God’s Kingdom here on Earth. It will be a new experience and we don’t know completely what to expect but are excited about going in with open minds and hearts. Both of us are taking Spanish classes here at George Fox and are looking forward to being able to practice speaking and listening in a real-world context."

Ty Olson

Ty Olson, Alumnus '07

Ty Olson graduated from George Fox University in 2007 with a degree in Writing/Literature. Ty interned with the Center for Peace and Justice (CPJ) in the past and also attended the Congo Peacemaking Conference in July 2011 sponsored by the CPJ.

Currently, Ty is finishing his Masters degree at Portland State University in their Conflict Resolution program with a concentration in Peace and Justice Studies. During his first year at PSU, Ty worked as a Graduate Research Assistant studying the socioeconomic impacts of Senate Bill 1080 on Latino immigrants/communities. In the recent past Ty has also began working with the Peace and Conflict Studies Consortium.

Prior to graduate school, Ty and his wife Page spent two years teaching in Honduras, Central America while simultaneously studying spanish. They also enjoyed learning the history and culture of Central America through their travels to several other neighboring countries, spending extensive time in Guatemala and Nicaragua.

For the past two years Ty has been working alongside the Insight Development Group (IDG) as a co-facilitator in one of their thirty-week dialogue groups grounded in Restorative Justice theory and practice. This work has deepend Ty's motivation to work in a field dedicated to transformation and reconciliation.

Alexis Christopherson

Alexis Christopherson, Student

The February 2012 edition of The Crescent includes an article on the Justice Conference, a two day event held in Portland, written by George Fox students Jessica Stanton and Alexis Christopherson.

Alexis Christopherson currently co-leads the International Justice Misison (IJM) chapter on campus and is preparing for a month of service in Romania and Moldova with the 2012 June Serve trip.

This year over 100 students from George Fox attended the conference and had the privilege of listening to speakers , such as theologian Walter Brueggeman and civil rights leader John M. Perkins . The Center for Peace and Justice was one of 180 organizations represented at the Justice Conference along with George Fox's Engineering Department and Seminary.

jon and allie

Jonathan and Allison Ogle Ciraulo, Alumni '10

Jonathan and Allison Ogle Ciraulo graduated from George Fox University in 2010.

Jon and Allie are currently living in South Bend, Indiana as part of the extended community of the St. Peter Claver Catholic Worker House. Jonathan is finishing his masters in theology at Notre Dame and Allison works part-time while also helping out at the Catholic Worker. They both volunteer their time as overnight hosts for a cold weather emergency shelter program and help run a neighborhood grocery co-op, as well as participating in the day-to-day life of their community, which offers hospitality to homeless men and women.

They are grateful for this season of journeying with a community where the Gospel is so richly embodied and where prayer and contemplation move hand in hand with action.

Servant Engineering

Servant Engineering at George Fox University

Engineering students at George Fox create devices that help students prepare to meet the needs of local communities through using their specific skills and passions.  

Read "Servant Engineering" here.

Bridging the Generation Gap

Ralph Beebe has been teaching at George Fox since 1974 and is currently Professor Emeritus of History. Cherice Bock received her major in psychology from George Fox and her MDiv from Princeton Theological Seminary.

This grandfather-granddaughter duo is currently co-teaching "War and Conscience in American History" at George Fox University, recognizing how their unique experiences can work together to help students learn the history and current-day implications of peacebuilding in times of conflict.

Read "Bridging the Generation Gap" here.

Village of Hope

Village of Hope

George Fox University professor of psychology Kelly Chang introduces psychology students to the issues facing children in the Managua garbage dumps, and the importance of building relationships and as a means of building peace in the world.

Read "Village of Hope" article here.

Carissa Hoffman

Carissa Hoffman, Student '13

Carissa Hoffman is a CMCO Major with a double minor in Management and Writing at George Fox University. She is in her Junior year of college and planning to graduate in the Spring of 2013.

Carissa is very involved in activities on and off campus including freelance writing for the Luis Palau Association and working in the University Engagement Office. Her experience growing up in three predominately muslim countries, Egypt, Bahrain, and Indonesia has greatly impacted the way she implements peace and justice in her own life.

Carissa recently published an article in "The Crescent" speaking to the importance of reevaluating stereotypes we may hold of individuals living in the Middle East as a means of building peace.


Tami Ankeny

Tami Ankeny was formerly an Area Coordinator with George Fox Residence Life. Last fall she went to Galati, Romania for an internship with the organization Word Made Flesh (WMF)

Word Made Flesh is a non-profit organization existing to serve among the most vulnerable of the world’s poor. In 1994, Word Made Flesh opened its first children’s home in Chennai, India focusing primarily on pediatric AIDS care. Word Made Flesh has since established communities in Asia, Latin America, Europe and Africa.

In the Fall of 2010, George Fox Center for Peace & Justice hosted David and Lenuta Chronic, the regional coordinators for WMF Europe/Africa, based in Galati, Romania as missional practitioners-in-residence. To learn more about their work while at George Fox and to learn about the in-residence program in general, click here.

Tami served with  WMF Romania which runs The “Valley” Community Center. The center provides education, counseling, and other resources to children living on the streets of Galati. 

You can read more about Tami and her journey here.


Bethany Bylsma, Alumna '07

Bethany Lakica Bylsma graduated from George Fox in 2007 with a degree in Cinema and Media Communications and is currently a Regional Manager at Invisible Children.

Invisible Children is an organization that uses the power of media to inspire young people to end conflict in the Central African countries. Apart from sending 'roadies' to tour the country and present documentaries, Invisible Children also mobilizes workforces on the field to help build communities in war torn countries. 

Bethany is in charge of training new roadies, maintaining the roadie house, coordinating roadie routes, and putting a cork on the mayhem of Pacific Northwest, Great Lakes and Deep South routes, all of which she toured at one point.

You may read more about Bethany and Invisible Children here.

Melanie Mock

From left: Melanie Mock, Alumna '90;
Rebekah Schneiter, Alumna '99

Melanie Mock graduated from George Fox in 1990 and is now a professor of English at George Fox

Rebekah Schneiter graduated from George Fox University in 1999

Melanie Mock, Associate Professor of English at George Fox, together with George Fox alumni Rebekah Schneiter have compiled a collection of essays about motherhood and social justice into a book called "Just Moms: Conveying Justice in an Unjust World." 

Mock says of this book,"we hope this book will start conversations about what it means to help our children to learn values that are important to us- peace, justice, contentment, equality."

Read more about these 'peace moms' in the George Fox Journal here.

Johnny Walker

Johnny Walker, Alumnus '06

Johnny Walker graduated from George Fox in 2006 with a degree in Biblical Studies. He also was a member of the 2005 May Serve team that traveled to Malawi.

Johnny Walker is working with Wycliffe Bible Translators. Wycliffe's efforts serve languages spoken in more than 90 countries. Their goal is to make the bible accessible to every nation and tribe by translating it into local languages.

Johnny Walker is currently in the middle of a Master's program in linguistics at the Canadian Institute of Linguistics in Langley, BC, Canada and plans to continue through the end of 2012.

He plans to return to the field in Africa to use his knowledge to train and advise others. At the moment, he has returned to Tanzania until November 2011 to do research for his Master's Thesis and to help out with linguistics needs on the Mara Cluster Project in Musoma where he previously worked from 2008-2010.

Cara Ediger

Cara Ediger, Alumna '09

Cara Ediger graduated from George Fox in 2009 with a B.A in international studies and spanish.

Cara Ediger is working with Wycliffe Bible Translators. Wycliffe's efforts serve languages spoken in more than 90 countries. Their goal is to make the bible accessible to every nation and tribe by translating it into local languages.

Cara is currently serving on Wycliffe's SPECTRUM program. She began her journey by going on Operation Mobilization's ship Logos Hope for a year working on the crew and learning about missions in a cross-cultural setting. Next, she will go back to the states for a semester in linguistics before going to Tanzania to assist in a language survey. She has a Facebook group called The Mission: Keep in Touch where she regularly posts her newsletters and prayer updates.

Joseph Rourke

Joseph Rourke, Alumnus '11

Joseph Rourke graduated from George Fox last spring with a major in music.

Starting fall 2011, Joseph will be teaching in China through  Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends. NWYM sends college graduates who are native English speakers as teachers to Hubei, a large province in central China. While there, he hopes to show the love of Christ in his interactions with the people he encounters and teaches. 

Kelsey VandenHoek

Kelsey Vanden Hoek, Student '13

Kelsey Vanden Hoek '13 is a Social Work student at George Fox.

Kelsey was awarded a Richter Scholarship for her proposal to use the Brighter Minds training with children in the programs run by Word Made Flesh Romania. David and Lenuta Chronic who work for WMF in Romania were hosted by George Fox's Center for Peace and Justice and office of Spiritual Life as  Missional Practitioners in Residence during the fall semester 2010. It was through this connection that Kelsey's research proposal materialized. 

lisby rogers

Lisby Rogers, Student '13

Lisby Rogers previously attended George Fox.

Lisby cycled from San Diego to Seattle in June 2011 to raise money and awareness for people without water in Kenya through an organization called Blood:Water Mission , a grassroots organization that empowers communities to work together against the HIV/AIDS and water crises in Africa.

Energized by this first cycle adventure, Lisby agreed to lead the Just + Hope women's cycling tour of the Eastern USA during summer 2012. 


Allison Ogle, Alumna '10

Allison Ogle graduated from George Fox in 2010 with a degree in Sociology.

The included article was written Spring 2011 during Allison's time with the Houston Catholic Worker. The article shares about the need for action and contemplation; about works of mercy and the work of prayer. It is an article about love of God and love of neighbor.

Click for article

Dominique Berho
Dominique Berhó, Alumnus '11

Dominique Berhó graduated spring 2011 with a degree in International Studies. He uses his passion and gift of photography to advocate on behalf of those in poverty.

Dominique Berhó seems destined for a life of cross-cultural engagement. As a child, he frequently traveled through South America with his parents to visit his father’s home country of Chile and grew up speaking fluent Spanish. Berhó, an international studies major and gifted photographer, spent a semester last year in Bolivia. 

Watch a  video interview with Berhó about his work in Bolivia, his efforts to help Pakistan and his remarkable photography. You can see samples of his photos at

Click to

Jessica Lee
Jessica Lee, Alumna '10, PSYD '15

Jessica Lee worked with 16 girls, age 5-18, who had been rescued from La Chureca, a village inside the Managua, Nicaragua city dump.

Jessica graduated in 2010 with a degree in Psychology and is now enrolled in George Fox's Doctor of Clinical Psychology program.

As a junior psychology major and Richter Scholar, Jessica Lee went with a group of students and psychology professor Kelly Chang to La Chureca, a village inside the Managua, Nicaragua city dump during May Term 2009. The group researched the general and spiritual well being of 16 girls, age 5 to 18, who had been rescued from La Chureca and resided in Villa Esperanza , a ministry of Forward Edge International. Their findings helped prompt the rescue home to hire a psychologist to work with the girls every week.

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Courtney Sell
Courtney Sell, Alumna '09

Courtney Sell worked with disabled orphans in Shimoga, India after graduating from George Fox in 2009 with a degree in Graphic Design. While at George Fox, she also participated on a June serve team that traveled to India.

Courtney participated with the June serve 2009 India team led by Clint and Sarah Baldwin, she then worked with disabled orphans in Shimoga, India after graduating from George Fox.
From May 2009 - March 2010 Courtney volunteered in India at Happy Home for the Handicapped working and living with the family who founded the ministry in 2006.

Currently she is working as the Graphic Designer at All God's Children International, an adoption, orphan care, and missions organization based in Portland, Oregon.

Click to read her June serve blog...
Click to read her blog while in India...

Kelly Reichers and Brittany Quinn
Kelly Reichers & Brittany Quinn
Alumnae '06

Kelly Reichers & Brittany Quinn worked with trafficked sex workers in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

in December 2007, Kelly Riechers and Brittany Quinn made a big leap across the world to the little country of Thailand - known for their awesome tropical fruit and for their high volume of commercial sex trafficking. They volunteered for Garden of Hope , an organization working with women and children affected by the commercial sex industry in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand.

Click to read their blog...

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