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In case you missed it, here is a link to the video recording




Here's a chance to get involved, and influence legislation, with the Friends Committee on National Legislation.  The FCNL's Spring Lobby Weekend is March 20-22, and the effort will be focused on action to address police violence and demilitarize the police.  Visit the FCNL website for more details on the event, and to register.


With our nation in turmoil, would you like to explore how Christians can help heal our political culture?  If so, apply for the Civility Project Reading Group!

Ten students will be selected for this project.  Members are expected to read and/or write for 1 to 2 hours in preparation for each hour-long weekly meeting.  The group will meet in person -- COVID permitting -- at a time they select.

The group will work with Jonathan Kuttab, a Palestinian Christian lawyer.  He will speak on campus (via Zoom), February 4th, on Civility, Justice, and a Bill of Rights: A Vision of Israel/Palestine as One State.  Kuttab will meet with the group twice between his February 4th talk and his second on-campus appearance in late March.

Group members can write for the Civility Project website, earning modest compensation for publishable pieces.

For more information contact Ron Mock at civility@georgefox.edu.