Lecture with Nasser Abufarhu

Nasser Abufarha

Insisting on Life: Martyrdom and Fair Trade in Palestine 
Wednesday, Jan. 19, 2011
George Fox University
Hoover 105
7 p.m.
Admission is free

The Center for Peace and Justice will host a lecture with Nasser Abufarha, Palestinian-American scholar and social entrepreneur. Abufarha is the founder of the Palestine Fair Trade Association and Canaan Fair Trade, which is bringing Palestinian olive oil and other traditional foods to mainstream American and European markets, while also improving economic conditions for more than 1700 farmers in the West Bank. Canaan Fair Trade today is the largest exporter of certified fair trade and organic Palestinian olive oil to America and Europe.

“Fair trade isn't just about the price,” Abufarha says, though he acknowledges that the increase in income has been vital to many farmers in Palestine. “We have given farmers hope. An economic exchange that recognizes Palestinian famers' rights and respects the value of their connection to their land, after years of marginalization under Israeli occupation, is a major accomplishment.”

Palestinian Fair Trade product line

Abufarha is the author of The Making of a Human Bomb: An Ethnography of Palestinian Resistance. The book, described as "required reading" by the American Journal of Sociology, explains how geographic separation of Palestinians and mimetic actions to Israeli state repression will continue to be a source of violence until Palestinians can experience actual rootedness in their land and start to explore alternative exchanges between themselves and Israelis.

Abufarha earned his PhD in Cultural Anthropology and International Development from the University of Wisconsin in 2006. His first book, which focuses on landscapes, the environment and violence, was published by Duke University Press in 2009.