Poetry in the Spirit of William Stafford

Poetry in the spirit of William StaffordThis fall, the Center for Peace and Justice at George Fox University and the nonprofit organization Friends of William Stafford invited all George Fox undergraduates to submit poetry in the spirit of
William Stafford.

In consideration of Stafford’s spirit and legacy, we invited students to submit up to three poems to be reviewed by a panel that included nationally recognized poets both from George Fox faculty and elsewhere.

The poets who submitted the top three poems will:

  • Read their piece aloud on Thursday, Jan. 13, at the university's William Stafford Poetry Event
  • Receive $50 (fulfilling the previous point is necessary to obtain this second point)
  • Be guaranteed placement in the upcoming anthology of poetry being published in honor of Stafford by the Friends of
    William Stafford

All other submissions will be eligible for:

  • The possibility of being read at the George Fox William Stafford Poetry Event
  • The possibility of inclusion in an upcoming anthology of poetry being published in honor of Stafford by the Friends of
    William Stafford
William Stafford

William Stafford lived a life that exemplified a journey toward peace and truth. Stafford’s poetry bears witness to this, having themes of peace, nature, place, compassion and truth woven throughout. During WWII he became a conscientious objector, and instead of going to war spent four years in Civilian Public Service camps managed by the Church of the Brethren. In this time he crafted poems that would eventually become his masters thesis, Down In My Heart. This thesis was published two years later — the same year he moved to Oregon. William received his PhD from University of Iowa and taught for many years at Lewis & Clark. He was appointed the 20th United States Poet Laureate as well as Poet Laureate of Oregon.

For quick access to some examples of William Stafford’s poetry, please refer to the
Friends of William Stafford's website: williamstafford.org

For questions and/or further information, please write to: peaceandjustice@georgefox.edu