2014 Global Issues Forum

 Date:  Thursday, October 9, 2014
 Theme:  Vocation Through the Lens of Creation Care
 Details:  See the  Global Issues Forum webpage

May 2013
Walk and Bike Challenge: Bike Newberg

The Center for Peace and Justice participates in the Bike Newberg challenge.

This challenge is meant to promote walking and biking to school, work, and church throughout the month of May. All interested individuals, businesses, churches, and school groups can track their mode of transportation for each day. Tracking sheets can be found on the Bike Newberg website or can be picked up at City Hall.


Friday, May 31
Promoting Nonviolence, Addressing Hate and Preventing Global Conflicts: The Role of the Media Conference

Clint Baldwin, director of George Fox Center for Peace and Justice, speaks at the conference held at Portland State University.

This seminar-style event includes keynote addresses and workshops focused on the complex role of media communication, modes, and outlets as affecting the aims of addressing hatred, promoting nonviolence, building peace, and preventing war in international contexts. Of special interest is how to harness social media and other virtual media, and how to prevent
their abuses.

Click here for a look at the conference speakers and schedule.

The conference sponsors include the United States Institute of Peace and the Jubitz Family Foundation War Prevention Initiative.


Wednesday, May 29
Salt Lake City, Utah
ZipCode Calling: A Gathering for Christians Engaging the Built Environment

Co-sponsored by Christianity Today's "This Is Our City" and the
Center for Environmental Leadership with support from George Fox through the
Center for Peace and Justice and the Center for Global Studies

ZipCode Calling is a one-day event for Christian pastors and leaders to discover the principles of great placemaking and also provide them with tools to help design and build great places, or redesign, retrofit, and redeem hurting places in our communities.

Founded in late 2010, the Center For Environmental Leadership is a joint project led by the Creation Care Study Program (CCSP), Houghton College and George Fox University through Clint Baldwin and the Center for Peace and Justice and the Center for Global Studies.

Click here for more information on the event.


Thursday, May 23
Peace with Justice Committee Meeting of the Board of Global Outreach of the Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends

Director of George Fox Center for Peace and Justice and Center for Global Studies, Clint Baldwin sits on the board.

The NWYM Board of Global Outreach is comprised of Friends with gifts, passion and expertise in cross-cultural and overseas outreach ministries. Like the Board of Local Outreach, this board aims to encourage evangelism,
church planting, peacemaking, social justice and compassionate service but with a global emphasis.

Global Ministries of the Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends can be seen here.


Tuesday, May 21
Meeting with Mark Scandrette, author and founding director of ReIMAGINE

Director of George Fox Center for Peace and Justice and Center for Global Studies, Clint Baldwin meets with founding director of San Fransisco-based ministry.

ReIMAGINE is a Center for Integral Christian Practice based in San Francisco. ReImagine invites participants into a series of retreats, learning labs, conversations and projects to help integrate the teachings of Jesus into every aspect of life through shared practices and community experiments.

Mark Scandrette was a chapel speaker at George Fox earlier this year and his chapel lecture is free to view here.


Tuesday, May 21
Meeting with Urban Mentors Network co-founder and director, Jaime Taylor

Clint Baldwin, Director of George Fox Center for Peace and Justice and Center for Global Studies, meets with co-founder and director of Oakland-based non-profit organization.

Urban Mentors Network is a multi-faceted network that includes several small groups for girls, an Urban Leaders group focused on helping youth become local servant hearted leaders, a book club for parents and mentors and numerous community building/family events throughout the year.

​Urban Mentors Network is passionate about mentoring, networking, and building up positive community. They believe that youth need positive adults to walk alongside them for the long haul and that the strongest leaders are homegrown.


Tuesday, May 21
Meeting with Shalom of Oakland director, Nate Millheim

Clint Baldwin, Director of George Fox Center for Peace and Justice and Center for Global Studies, meets with director of East Oakland-based non-profit organization.

Shalom of Oakland is a non-profit that offers mentoring and discipleship in East Oakland.

The organization's Real Life Discipleship program helps people integrate the teachings of Jesus into real life. Through workshops, small groups and youth mentoring, Shalom of Oakland teaches people to live in the way of Jesus. The organization focuses on identity, prayer, peacemaking, service and simplicity.


Friday, May 17
Meeting with Colette Peters, Director of the Oregon Department of Corrections

Ms. Peters meets with George Fox faculty Clint Baldwin (Dir. of Center for Peace and Justice), Rick Muthiah (Dean of Learning Support Services) and Yune Tran (Asst. Professor of Education)

As DOC Director, Ms. Peters oversees the operations and policies of a corrections agency responsible for managing approximately 14,000 incarcerated individuals in 14 prisons across the state. She has ultimate responsibility for the management of a department with 4,500 employees and a biennial budget of more than $1.4 billion. Ms. Peters also works closely with Oregon’s state-funded community corrections agencies to coordinate the local supervision of more than 31,500 offenders on probation and parole.

Ms. Peters and the George Fox Center for Peace and Justice look forward to
continuing and deepening their connection.

World Affairs Council

Saturday, May 11
His Holiness the Dalai Lama: Environmental Summit

Director of George Fox Center for Peace and Justice and Center for Global Studies, Clint Baldwin joins other George Fox faculty at the International Speaker Series event hosted in Portland by the World Affairs Council of Oregon.

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet has long been a central figure in global initiatives to promote peace, compassion and environmental
stewardship among all nationalities and religions. How can world citizens make a difference in caring for nature and neighbor and address the global environmental crisis? His Holiness explores the powerful links between the
spiritual dimension and responsible global policy-making, and advocates for ethical action.

Our Father's World

Friday, April 26
Conference call with the filmmakers of the new creation care video from Northland Church

Joining the call will be Northland pastor, Dr. Joel C. Hunter.
George Fox Center for Peace and Justice participates in the conference call.

Our Father’s World” is a 27-minute documentary outlining the role that Christians should play in environmentalism. The film features interviews with noted evangelical leaders and scholars, including Bill and Lynne Hybels, Tony Campolo, James Merritt and Mark Liederbach.

The insightful commentary helps viewers connect the ecological dots—from spiritual calling to modern living and how it all ultimately impacts “the least of these.”

This conference call has been facilitated by Sojourners.

Click here to watch the free video.


Thursday, April 25
Portland State University - Park Blocks

One Million Bones is co-hosting an event in Portland to coincide with Genocide Awareness and Prevention Month George Fox Center for Peace and Justice Director, Clint Baldwin will be a speaker. In an effort to raise awareness of the violence facing women and children in the Democratic Republic of Congo, multiple agencies and organizations have teamed to host this all-day awareness event, including One Million Bones - an organization that the Center for Peace and Justice has continually supported.

Clint Baldwin speaks at the town-hall discussion from 12-1pm.
Click here for a live stream of the discussion.


Friday, April 19 and Saturday, April 20
Inhabit Conference: The Art of Parish Renewal - Seattle School of Theology and Psychology

George Fox Center for Peace and Justice and Center for Global Studies director, Clint Baldwin, will be in attendance.

The Inhabit Conference is a premiere gathering that brings together innovative missional practitioners from across the West Coast to empower, encourage, and engage each other around practicing the way of Jesus in place.

The conference is an intensive weekend gathering of hundreds of parish-minded collaborators and promises to be a very unique and transformative gathering indeed.

Wednesday and Thursday, April 17 & 18
Representative from Azusa Pacific University's Masters of Arts in Transformational Urban Leadership (MATUL) visits campus

Chiraphone Khamphouvong will be on campus representing MATUL. She will have an informational table in the Bruin Den during the lunch hours and visit classes to inform undergrads about the MATUL program.


Wednesday, April 17
The Island President Film and a National Conversation on Democracy and Climate

Co-sponsors for this events are George Fox Center for Peace and Justice, Center for Global Studies and George Fox Creation Care Committee.

The Island President links the struggle for democracy and human rights with the fight to stabilize the climate.

George Fox participates with more than 100 colleges across the country for a nationwide screening of the powerful film and a discussion with the film's director to follow.


Wednesday, April 17
Meeting with representative from Eastern Mennonite University's Center for Justice and Peacebuilding

George Fox Center for Peace and Justice director, Clint Baldwin, meets with EMU Center for Justice and Peacebuilding associate director of development, Pheobe Kilby.

With a shared passion for peacemaking and justice-seeking, Baldwin and Kilby
meet to share the work of their respecitve Center's.


Friday and Saturday, April 12-13
Peace'd Together: An Intercultural Conference

The purpose of this conference is to initiate dialogue that will assist us as we bridge gaps that culturally separate us, find truth where each of our roads cross, and celebrate the contribution each of us bring to the Diversity of God's Kingdom and the George Fox Community."

This free on-campus conference is hosted by the office of Inclusion & Student Leadership Programs of George Fox.

Check out the conference Facebook page.


Wednesday, April 10
Conference Call: Are the Streets of Gold Walkable?

The Center for Peace and Justice joins the conference call, hosted by the Congress for New Urbanism (CNU).

Pastor and author, Eric Jacobsen, together with CNU president, John Norquist, explore how faith communities can be one part of the very large question of getting people to activate good urbanism with neighborly practices.

Going deeper, Eric explains how faith can provide a solid philosophical foundation for good urbanism, partly by not taking for granted that engaging the world with our bodies is inherently better than engaging the world with our cars (or through our screens).

Jacobsen's books include "Sidewalks in the Kingdom: New Urbanism and the Christian Faith" and "The Space Between: A Christian Engagement with the Built Environment"


Thursday, April 11
A special advance screening of the new documentary, "God Loves Uganda" Sponsored by George Fox International Studies

The feature length documentary, " God Loves Uganda," is a powerful exploration of the evangelical campaign to change African culture with values imported from America’s Christian Right.

The film follows American and Ugandan religious leaders fighting “sexual immorality” and missionaries trying to convince Ugandans to follow Biblical law.

God Loves Uganda premiered at the Sundance Film Festival on January 18, 2013.

Event to be held in Hoover 105 at 7pm.

The George Fox Center for Peace and Justice and the Center for Global Studies is glad
to support George Fox International Studies.


Tuesday, April 9
Intellectual Feast: Being Christian in Today's Middle East, hosted by the Department of Religious Studies

What is life like for Christians in the modern Middle East? Is being a Christian in Palestine, Syria, Egypt, or Iraq more of an ethnic/racial distinction or a term to describe a “committed follower of Jesus?" What can we in the United States learn from our Christian brothers and sisters in the geographic location where our faith began?

Three George Fox students from the Middle East address these questions and more.

Event held in Hoover 2 nd Floor Lounge from 4-5pm.

The George Fox Center for Peace and Justice and the Center for Global Studies is glad to support the George Fox Department of Religious Studies.


Monday, April 8 - Wednesday, April 10
51st Annual International Affairs Symposium at Lewis and Clark College

The Center for Peace and Justice director, Clint Baldwin, will be attending the prestigious symposium. The focus of the Symposium this year is controversy, emphasizing confrontation of opposing views. Organized by students, it concentrates on themes that reflect global interests and concerns.

The Lewis & Clark College International Affairs Symposium is the oldest student-run symposium in the United States.

Click here for more information or here to download the Symposium brochure.


Saturday, April 6
One Million Bones, Clackamas High School - 9am-5pm

George Fox Center for Peace and Justice continued its support of the One Million Bones initiative.

One Million Bones initiative aims to raise awareness about genocide as well as motivate politicians in DC and Congress to stand up against the violence.


Wednesday, April 3
National Climate Seminar with Katharine Wilkinson, author of Between God and Green: How Evangelicals are Cultivating a Middle Ground on Climate Change

Center for Peace and Justice staff, Clint Baldwin and Tyler Amy, participated in the national conference call.

Through the National Climate Seminar hosted by Bard College's Center for Environmental Policy, Katherine Wilkinson discussed her book, Between God and Green: How Evangelicals are Cultivating a Middle Ground on Climate Change and fielded various questions, including one from George Fox's Center for Peace and Justice.


Friday, March 22 - Friday, March 29
Center for Peace and Justice teams up with student group, Quaere Verum on Spring Serve 2013 trip in western Washington

Students served alongside and caught a glimpse of various ministries throughout western Washington, including a sustainable and organic farm (New Earth Farm), an ecumenical ministry serving migrant farmworkers, jail inmates and gang members ( Tierra Nueva), a fair-trade, organic coffee company ( Camano Island Coffee Roasters), the site of an upcoming sustainability-focused learning center ( Mustard Seed Associates), and even an international quilting ministry ( North Seattle Friends Church).

Other ministry organizations that helped inspire our students include: Seattle School of Theology and Psychology Parish Collective Seattle Catholic Worker House Northwest University - International Care and Community Development Seattle Pacific University - The John Perkins Center

Check out the Center for Peace and Justice Facebook page for photos from the trip.

Stands for Freedom

Monday, March 11 - Thursday, March 14
Stand for Freedom for 27 Million Slaves in the World

Monday, March 11 @ 8 PM in Cap and Gown
Witness modern slavery in the documentary "Nefarious, Merchant of Souls."

Tuesday, March 12 @ 7:30 PM in Hoover 102 Engage in the Testimony of Teri Winegar-Clark, a local human trafficking survivor and hear from Chiavan Chriestenson, a local advocate.

Wednesday, March 13 @ 11 AM to 2 PM (Thursday) on the Quad
Join the 27 hour stand, a national movement across college campuses, for the freedom of 27 million slaves around the world. www.ijm.org/stand

Thursday, March 14 @ 7 PM in EHS 102
Learn and personally respond to modern slavery with "Oregonians Against the Trafficking of Humans" (OATH). www.oregonoath.org


Sunday, March 10
Memorial service held for Richard Twiss

The Center for Peace and Justice joined other university members in paying respect to Richard Twiss, an adjunct professor at Portland Seminary.

In memory of Richard, the memorial service is meant to be a time to share stories, laughter, tears, song and dance.

Living Hope Church
Vancouver, Washington

Click here to learn more about the impact of Richard's life.

Friendly Water for the World

Thursday, March 7
Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board of Friendly Water for the World meets with George Fox's Center for Peace and Justice director

David Alberts and Clint Baldwin discuss clean water initiatives.

The mission of Friendly Water for the World is to expand access to low-cost clean water technologies and information about health and sanitation to people in need of them. They provide opportunities for Quakers and those of other faiths and traditions to partner with individuals and communities working to improve living conditions around the world, and to learn from each other.


Thursday, February 28
The Center for Peace and Justice hosts a screening of the newest film by advocacy group, Liberty in North Korea

Advocacy group uses film to raise awareness for North Korean refugees.

The film, Danny From North Korea, documents the journey taken by Danny, a young North Korean man, who chooses to escape a life of oppression and poverty.

Lisa Sharon Harper

Wednesday, February 27
Woolman Peacemaking Forum

The 28th annual John Woolman Peacemaking Forum features Lisa Sharon Harper, director of mobilizing for Sojourners.

  • In chapel at 10:40 a.m., on “Shalom and the Fall”
  • In a talk-back session immediately following chapel, in the Cap and Gown Room from noon to 1 p.m.
  • In an evening presentation, titled “Shalom and Systemic Injustice,” from 7:30 to 9 p.m. in Hoover 105

Click for more information


Tuesday, February 26
Executive Director of the Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies meets with George Fox's Center for Peace and Justice director

Fred Van Dyke and Clint Baldwin discuss creation care on campus.

Central to the mission of the Center for Peace and Justice, Clint Baldwin, the center's director, hosts Dr. Fred Van Dyke to discuss creation care and environmental stewardship.


Saturday, January 28
Peace and Conflict Studies Consortium Symposium at Portland Community College

CPJ Director, Clint Baldwin co-hosts event and presents opening remarks.

Hosted by the Peace and Conflict Studies Consortium, this was an opportunity for those in the field of peace and conflict studies to share opportunities and challenges they face; research under way; curricula development; and uncovering potential collaborations.


Thursday, January 24, 2013
The Center for Peace and Justice hosts One Million Bones and a bone-making party on campus

Education and advocacy group, One Million Bones, seeks to recognize the millions of victims of ongoing genocides.

Participants showcase their creativity and join a global community working to end genocide by making artifical bones. These bones will be installed on the National Mall in the spring of 2013.

One Million Bones mission is to increase global awareness of the ongoing devastation of genocide, raise $5 million to protect and aid displaced victims and educate students about tolerance through art and social activism.


Wednesday and Thursday, November 28 and 29
MJ Murdock Charitable Trust: Christian Leadership Advance Conference

CPJ director, Clint Baldwin is invited to attend conference.

The purpose of the conference, held in Vancouver, Washington, is to promote the cause of Christian ministry leadership development by connecting ministry leaders, educators, and trainers.

Participants are executive directors, regional leaders, and heads of faith-based human service organizations, along with college and seminary presidents, deans, chaplains, and professional leadership developers.


Wednesday - Friday, November 7-9
Tom and Christine Sine of Mustard Seed Associates visits campus

Seattle-based Mustard Seed Associates visits campus to talk to students about their organization and the launching of a new semester off-campus program.

Tom and Christine Sine spoke to a number of students, faculty and staff, including being hosted by the Quaere Verum student group and in an Intermediate Microeconomics class.


Friday-Wednesday, October 12-17
2nd Annual Symposium for Sustainability Leaders, co-hosted with the Association of Christian Sustainability Professionals
As well as the annual conference of the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE)

CPJ director, Clint Baldwin involved in both the symposium and conference.

Symposium for Sustainability Leaders was held in Pasadena, CA, with a field excursion to Pomona College to tour their work in sustainability (including two LEED Platinum student dorms) and the AASHE conference is the largest stage in North America for higher education sustainability thought leadership, with more than 2,000 participants.

Monday, October 15
Recruiter from Mission Year will visit campus

Ra Mendoza will be hold an information table in the Bruin Den.

Mission Year is a year long urban ministry program focused on Christian service and discipleship. They take teams of people, place them in an area of need, and help them to serve people and create community. They are committed to the command of Jesus to “love God and love people,” by placing the needs of our neighbors first and developing committed disciples of Christ with a heart for the poor.


Tuesday - Wednesday, October 9-10
Directors of GoED Africa and Mekong semester programs will visit campus

Michael and Adele Pucci will be speaking in various classes and hold an information table in the Bruin Den.

Michael will give talks at the following times:

Tuesday: Christian Discipling (Roger Newell): 10:40am in Hoover 208 "Life Together: Western Wealth & Poverty"

Wednesday: Global Political Economy (Tom Head): 6:30 - 7:30pm in Stevens 109

Wednesday: Quaere Verum (QV) student - led group: 7:30- 9pm in the International House

Wednesday, October 3
Photography Experience of the Israeli and Palestinian reality
Skip Schiel - Quaker Photographer, writer, & political activist
7-8:30 pm - Hoover 105 (cost is free and open to the public)

Skip Schiel has been documenting the Palestinian and Israeli reality through photographs and journal postings since 2003 — work with a better feel for the detailed texture of life in Gaza and the West Bank than any appearing in U.S. media. Schiel spends time where most journalists dare not tread, amidst ordinary Palestinians, sharing in the dangers and frustrations of their lives . Skip's hope is that through witnessing his photographic experience, viewers will become more connected to the Palestinian and Israeli reality, further paving the way to a peaceful future.

What do Quakers, the Religious Society of Friends, have to do with Israel-Palestine? By following some of the activities in the Ramallah Friends School & the American Friends Service Committee’s work in Gaza & the West Bank (& with references to its efforts in Israel), Skip shows how this numerically small but often effective group has made a difference in this land of troubles.

peace fair

Sunday, September 23
Eighth Annual Interfaith Advocates' Peace Walk & Fair - McMinnville

George Fox Center for Peace and Justice will be participating in this event

Speaker: Paul Barker - Country Director in Afghanistan for Save the Children

Topic: ;Afghanistan: What’s New in the Search for Peace?”


3:00 Walk for peace: Bring your signs!

4:00 Program & Speaker: Paul Barker: Music begins at 3:45

5:15 Peace Fair begins: Individuals & organizations will display & share info about peace and justice activities

5:45 Soup & Bread Supper (donations accepted)

Thursday, September 20
Liminal Ground, a presentation by Craig Goodworth
7-8:30 pm - Quaker Heritage Room

Craig Goodworth (artist-practitioner-in- residence 2011-2012 in the Center for Peace and Justice) is an interdisciplinary artist. Working in sculpture, drawing, installation, performance and prose, his practice lies on the boundary between desert and city, contemplation and action. Core themes in his art are the experience/idea of the body and place. Goodworth recently completed a place-based installation in a granary warehouse in Phoenix, Arizona, entitled Liminal Ground, integrating immigrant narratives with agricultural and liturgical elements. In this artist presentation, Goodworth will tell the story of the project through documentation, as well as reflect on process - addressing themes of collaboration, community and peacemaking.


Thursday, September 13
Peace and Justice Symposium: A night of story & song around the fire
Aaron Strumpel - singer/songwriter, George Fox Artist Practitioner In-Residence
Julia Harlow - George Fox area coordinator
Kelsey VandenHoek - Senior social work student
7:30-9 pm - Pavilion (located in the George Fox campus canyon)

Join us for a night of story and song as we gather around the fire to hear from a panel of speakers involved with justice work around the globe. Aaron, Julia and Kelsey are all involved with the humanitarian organization Word Made Flesh.

Chapel credit is offered for this event.

aaron strumpel

Tuesday, September 11
Shalom - 9 p.m. in Cap & Gown Room

Aaron Strumpel - singer/songwriter, George Fox Artist Practitioner In-Residence spoke and lead worship.

joel mckerrow

Tuesday, September 4
After Shalom - 10:30 p.m. in the FOXHOLE, George Fox campus

Joel McKerrow and his friend, Center for Peace and Justice Artist Practitioner In-Residence Aaron Strumpel hosted a poetry slam session in the Foxhole.

Joel, a special guest of George Fox, is an international touring performance poet, writer, educator, youth worker, thinker, activist and fiery red-head based out of Melbourne Australia.

Aaron Strumpel did an opening set to start the event.

Participation was encouraged, students brought their own poetry to perform.

wild goose festival

Friday - Sunday, August 31-September 2
Wild Goose Festival West - Benton County, Oregon

Featuring George Fox community members
Clint Baldwin - Director, Center for Peace and Justice
Aaron Strumpel - singer/songwriter, Center for Peace and Justice Artist Practitioner In-Residence
Dr. Randy Woodley - George Fox Seminary associate professor of faith and culture, director if Intercultural and Indigenous Studies
Sam Saxton - student '17 (Aaron Strumpel band)

The Center for Peace and Justice had a display table all weekend

12:40-1:25 p.m. Main Stage - Aaron Strumpel (music)

5 p.m. Auditorium - Randy Woodley, "Jesus, Justice, Christian Dualism and the Historic American Myth"

10 p.m. pavilion - Randy Woodley, "Shalom and the places we stand - discussing the earth from an indigeonous perspective"

About the festival:

Wild Goose is a community creating a festival at the intersection of justice, spirituality and art. The first festival took place in June 2011; the next one is Aug. 31-Sept. 2. Inspiration is taken from many places, such as Greenbelt, Burning Man, the Iona Community, SXSW and others. The festival is open to everyone; there is no censoring what can be said; respectful - but fearless - conversation and action for the common good is invited.