Certificate in Conflict Management

Conflict Management Certificate

The Center for Peace and Justice coordinates a special course of study in conflict management (see catalog). Students may combine courses into a 15-hour "Certificate in Conflict Management," drawing from selected courses in business, communications, sociology, psychology, and political science, and an internship. Completion of the program is noted on the student's transcript and a certificate is awarded upon graduation.

A.  A course in communication theory: 
COMM 200 Persuasive Communications or
COMM 210 Interpersonal Communications 
B. A course in conflict dynamics in specific settings:

SOCI 300 Group Dynamics

PSYC 381 Counseling
MGMT 480 Organizational Behavior
C. PSCI 310/ COMM 310 Conflict Resolution
D. PSCI 410 Community Mediation
E. A 3-credit internship in conflict management