Peace Studies Minor

Peace Studies Minor

The Peace Studies minor ( 21 credit hours ) explores the moral, strategic, and practical aspects of peacemaking at every level of human activity from the interpersonal to the international.  Students study the origins of conflicts, dynamics that sustain them, opportunities they offer, destruction they cause, and various approaches available for peacemaking. Courses draw on a wide variety of disciplines -- political science, history, economics, communications, and religion.   For more information, students should see the Director of the Center for Peace and Justice.

Minor Requirements

Students are required to complete at least one of the following courses:
INTL/PSCI/SOCI 303 International Conflict and Peace 3
PSCI 460 Peace Theory 3

Students are required to complete 5-6 of the following courses:
BIBL 390 Biblical Basis for Peacemaking 3
COMM/PSCI 310 Conflict Resolution 3
ECON/SOCI 370 Global Political Economy 3
HIST/PSCI 363 War and Conscience in the United States 3
INTL/PSCI 230 Introduction to International Relations 3
PSCI 383 International Organizations and International Law 3
PSCI 410 Community Mediation 3
PSCI 475 Field Experience 3

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