In-Residence Program

The Center for Peace and Justice is happy to offer an in-residence program to practitioners in career fields intersecting with issues of peacemaking and social justice.

Interested persons should contact the Center for Peace and Justice directly.
Phone: (503) 554-2686

Past Community Development Practitioners In-Residence: Leroy and Donna Barber
Leroy and Donna

Through the George Fox Center for Peace and Justice, the Barbers came to George Fox University as the 2013-14 Community Development Practitioners In-Residence, where they shared their experiences in a variety of contexts, including chapel, peace and justice symposia, class lectures and more.

Past Artist Practitioner In-Residence: Aaron Strumpel (click for full page)
Aaron Strumpel

Based on a long-standing relationship with George Fox University, Aaron Strumpel joined the university community as artist practitioner in residence for the fall 2012 semester. Aaron's work at George Fox was centered around mentoring various student music ensembles, including Shalom and Chapel Band, culminating in the development of a performance with students at the end of the semester and even producing an album.

Past Artist Practitioner In-Residence: Craig Goodworth (click for full page)
Craig Goodworth

Craig Goodworth is at work on a project that engages immigration and the social body in his home state of Arizona through the Gimilus Chassidum Fellowship. His artwork was featured in the George Fox University Minthorne Gallery during fall semester from Sept. 1-30, 2011.

Past Missional Practitioners In-Residence: David and Lenuta Chronic - Word Made Flesh (click for full page)
David and Lenuta Chronic

George Fox Center for Peace and Justice and the Office of Spiritual Life welcomed David and Lenuta Chronic for the fall 2010 semester as Missional Practitioners In-Residence. During their time at George Fox the Chronics made several presentations on their work with street children in Romania, and also were a resource to George Fox community members interested in missional and justice work.