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Craig Goodworth, Artist Practitioner In-Residence, 2011-12

Craig Goodworth

Artist/writer Craig Goodworth received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Maryland Institute College of Art and a Master of Liberal Studies in Sustainable Communities through Northern Arizona University. Following his time as an artist-in-residence at an Eastern Orthodox monastic community in rural northern New Mexico, he worked on a collection of writings under the Thomas Mullen Writing Fellowship at the Earlham School of Religion. He completed his Master of Fine Arts through Azusa Pacific University in 2010. While his formative training was in sculpture and aesthetic/theological issues related to the body, his present interdisciplinary practice involves working in a variety of media, including drawing and sculpture as well as performance that he documents with video.

Currently he is at work on a project that engages immigration and the social body in his home state of Arizona through the Gimilus Chassidum Fellowship. He is the artist practitioner in residence (2011-2012) in the Center for Peace and Justice at George Fox University in collaboration with the Visual Arts department . Craig has exhibited his artworks and lectured throughout the United States and abroad. Enjoying walking, manual work and travel, Craig, his wife and pup Juraj presently reside in Oregon.

Liminal Ground - Craig Goodworth

"As in Jewish prayer, aspects of LIMINAL GROUND required and received a "minyan". The project was generated both physically and spiritually in conjunction with at least ten others. Collaborators in the Liminal Ground project include: 6 The Center for Peace and Justice at George Fox University where I serve as the artist practitioner in residence 2011-2012. I wouldn’t have taken on the risks in this project had I not been exposed to the Quaker peace testimony."

Liminal Ground

Liminal Ground

LIMINAL GROUND is a place-based artwork in a granary/warehouse space in inner city Phoenix. Integrating agricultural and liturgical elements, Craig Goodworth’s installation explores the social body. Taking place in the Southwest, where cultures continue to collide and vie for employment opportunities, immigration services, medical care, education and physical spaces to house their indigenous faiths, LIMINAL GROUND seeks to engage these tensions. Goodworth's art belongs on the ecotone between desert and city, the spiritual and the material, and the already/not yet. Named the Gimilus Chassidim Fellow 2011-2012, Goodworth is an interdisciplinary artist working in a variety of art media including sculpture, prose, found object, and video. 

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Craig Goodworth - Liminal Ground Craig Goodworth - Liminal Ground
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